Radox Shower Smoothies Soul Soother - Review

I love smoothies - the Innocent Mango & Passion Fruit one being my favourite. When I spotted the Radox shower smoothies while shopping, I had to pick them. If nothing - then just for the heavenly smell.

What the product claims?
Squeeze some goodness out of this shower smoothie, which feels as lovely as it smells. It’s a luxurious blend of natural herbs, juicy blackcurrants and cranberry seeds, bursting with nutrients and our carefully sourced chamomile is just the thing to help you wind down under a warm, relaxing shower.

My experience:
The first thing I had do was to resist myself from tasting this :) I know it sounds silly - but the smell and the texture was so lovely you do get tempted to taste it. Anyway I did refrain myself from doing it.

The texture is creamy and rich with some cranberry seeds thrown in. Has the added goodness of chamomile. It lathers okay, but moisturises and cleans your skin well. The seeds act as exfoliators. It leaves the body smooth and smelling lovely for  quite some time.

What DB likes?
- the gorgeous smell
- cleanses well and offers gentle exfoliation
- feels like a pamper session when you use this

There is nothing that I dislike about this product. Do give it a try.

Price: 200 ML for £2.95 at Boots. You will find it on offer at times.

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