Avon Care - Glycerine Hand and Nail Rich Moisture Cream - Review

Today I will be reviewing the Avon Care - Glycerine Hand and Nail Rich Moisture Cream. I have been using hand and nail creams regularly since many years now. I do all the household work and hands and nails tend to become dry because of frequent contact with water. I do not stick to any particular brand when it comes to hand&nail creams as I like trying out new ones. The latest one that I picked up was the Avon Care one. And here is my experience with it.

What the product claims?
Leaves nails looking shiny and feeling healthy*. With calcium, vitamin E and glycerine.

My experience: I must say this is one of the better hand creams I have used. As I mentioned my hands tend to go dry because of frequent contact with water and nails have also turned a bit brittle in the last year. This cream is wonderfully moisturising and once massaged in well it leaves the skin smooth. I also love the fragrance. It keeps the skin soft for a few hours after application.

What DB likes?
- Good moisturisation
- I purchased it on Avon website when it was on reduced price. A very good deal.
- Lovely fragrance

There is nothing that I dislike about this product as it works well for my dry hands. However if your hands are not that dry then this cream takes some time to get absorbed and may feel slightly greasy.

Overall, a good product for dry skinned beauties out there.

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