OXO Good Grips Kitchen Tools : Ergonomic Design, Easy to Use and Compact

My RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) has been mostly under control for the last one year although there have been flares once in a while. The flares though temporary are highly troublesome as the inflammation and pain makes even simple tasks quite difficult to achieve. During the worst of flares, I find even holding a toothbrush or spoon extremely difficult. Milder flares have struggles like difficulty opening jars, unable to get a good grip on things, pain while chopping vegetables, dropping things and so on. Since being diagnosed with RA I have made a lot of changes in the kitchen so that it is now set up in such a way that it works best for me. I have looked up and purchased some kitchen tools and gadgets that can make simple kitchen chores less daunting when I have painful finger joints. Jar and bottle openers, utensils with ergonomic rubber handles etc. have made things a little bit easier for me.

I recently received two very useful products from OXO:
- Good Grips Chopper and
- Good Grips Two-Fold Grater

Glamoriser Free-Styler Cordless Straightener

My hair has a mind of its own. It is frizzy and wavy and I need to have it blow-dried and straightened to keep it sleek and manageable. I straighten it at home every other day but if I am out and about and the weather is muggy then my hair doesn't need much time to get back to being frizzy. This is mostly a problem when I am travelling as the weather can be quite unpredictable. So when I heard of the Glamoriser Free-Styler, a compact handbag essential, I was quite excited to try it out.

National Men’s Grooming Day | Braun Multi Groomer (3-in-1)

Did you know today is National Men’s Grooming Day. Men worldwide are paying more attention to their appearance than ever before. Beauty treatments for men have been gaining popularity and beauty brands have been coming out with a number of male grooming products every year ranging from skincare products to fragrances and hair styling products to electronic grooming products.

Braun recently launched a range of six new products called the Braun Styling range which aims to deliver exceptional precision and agility to help every man achieve an uniquely groomed look all over. One of the new launches is Braun Multi Groomer (RRP: £69.99) with which one can shave, style and trim just about any beard style you can imagine. The 3-in-1 system allows you to trim, style and shave all with one product.

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