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Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

With less than 6 weeks to Christmas I am sure you have Christmas presents on your mind. Are you having a hard time deciding what to get for whom this year? To help you out, here is my first Christmas gift guide and it is aimed at fitness lovers. The items I have selected would make great gifts for those into fitness, running, camping or any other sporting activities.


Giveaway | Win a box of 18 What A Melon’s

What A Melon - watermelon water- was recently launched in the UK. Packed with health-boosting nutrients it tastes just like the real thing. In addition to its refreshingly natural flavour, What A Melon water comes with a list of added benefits. It contains:
- electrolytes
- antioxidant Lycopene
- Potassium
- Amino acid (Citrulline).

Citrulline is known to help in reducing fatigue and improving endurance making it a perfect post-workout drink. What A Melon has no added sugar and no preservatives thus also making it a healthy hydrating drink.

Win a box of 18 What A Melon

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