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Christmas Gift Guide | The Toys and Games Edition

Ad feature | Contains affiliate links Get ready to spread holiday cheer and make this Christmas extra special with our handpicked selecti...

Christmas Gift Guide - Toys and Games
Ad feature | Contains affiliate links

Get ready to spread holiday cheer and make this Christmas extra special with our handpicked selection of toys and games! Whether you're shopping for the little ones or the young at heart, our Christmas gift guide features some of the most delightful and entertaining presents this holiday season. 

We've curated a collection that guarantees smiles, laughter, and lasting memories for all ages. Dive into the magic of the season with our festive gift ideas that promise to make your celebrations merrier and brighter.

The Christmas Express Game from Cheatwell

Cheatwell have been producing board games since 1986. They are also involved in the design and development of innovative toys, puzzles and gifts. From board games to bookmarks, puzzles to jigsaws, marble runs to other amazing gifts, their product range is broad and exciting with something for all interests and ages.

The Christmas Express Game from Cheatwell

The Christmas Express Game is a fab family board game for those who believe in Santa, and those that wish they still did! Participants jump aboard Cheatwell's festive loco and race to be the first to reach the North Pole. You have to avoid the pitfalls (Hustle Bustle, the Reindeer Crossings, the Snow Storms and the naughty elf) on the way, with the aim of being the first player to travel along the train track from the Home Station to the North Pole Station.

It's a fun game to play as a family over the festive period.

Order the Christmas Express Game here.

Yes, Yes Yeti Card Game

A fun card game of strategy and luck that can be enjoyed by the whole family - that is what Yes, Yes Yeti is.

The premise of the game is simple - you've learnt the location of the elusive Yeti but so have all the other players. You have to try and pick a high number card in the hope of moving along the path fastest. The higher the number, the bigger the potential move towards the Yeti – but also the bigger the potential risk of turning over a Slip! card. The first player to land on or pass the Yeti gets the best photo – and is crowned the winner.

Yes, Yes Yeti Card Game

The game can be played by 3-6 players and is suitable for those aged 8 and over.

You can purchase the Yes, Yes Yeti Card Game from Ginger Fox's website or their Amazon Store.

The Traitors Card Game (2023 Special Edition)

Dive into the world of intrigue and deception with this special edition card game.

Players have to secretly play the role of 'Faithful' or 'Traitor' while working together to build up a central pot of gold. The Faithful must identify and banish the Traitors in their midst to win a share of the gold. The traitors must stay undetected until the end so that they can steal the prize fund.

This fun and interesting card game is perfect for family gatherings and dinner parties over the Christmas period. An entertaining game for 4-8 players aged 8 years and over, it can be purchased online from Ginger Fox's website or their Amazon Store.

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

After the immense popularity of one of their top-selling toys, Freddie the Firefly, Lamaze has unveiled an updated version of this beloved companion. It's bound to provide endless entertainment for your little one not only on Christmas morning but also in the months ahead!

Freddie is a sensory delight, featuring soft velour, vibrant colors, patterns, and textures. The bug comes packed with exciting features like a squeaker, clinking rings, a ladybug teether, and chew-worthy knotted antennae. Freddie's wings conceal a peek-a-boo mirror and offer various textures, shapes, and crinkles for exploration. You can use the Lamaze clip to attach Freddie to strollers, prams, and car seats for on-the-go fun. 

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

A perfect first Christmas gift, Freddie aids in developing focus, tracking, and mirror play, while also soothing teething discomfort with the ladybird teether.

Priced at £15.99 and suitable for ages 0 months and upwards, you can purchase Freddie the Firefly from Hamleys, Sainsburys, Tesco, John Lewis, Boots and Amazon.


A fantastic, family game and a very popular one at that! With over 2 million games sold, Articulate is one of Drumond Park Games' popular games.

The concept of the game is very simple - you have to describe a word without actually saying it. It might sound very simple, but when you’re racing against the timer it is different matter altogether. It is a game that is funny, intense, filled with laughter and ensures that everyone has a great time.


This best-selling, fast-paced description board game is suitable for 4-20+ players aged 12 years and over. You can purchase it from Amazon, Argos, The Works Stores and many more independent stockists.


Another card game that is guaranteed to bring people together to have some fun and a really good time is CRACK LIST.

I am sure you must have played the game 'Categories' in your childhood. CRACK LIST combines Categories and Uno into one fast-paced game that can be enjoyed by those with a passion for playing cards as well as those who love word games and quizzes.


The rules of the game are simple - a category is chosen and each player starts the game with 8 cards in their hand. One card is equal to one letter, and your answer must start with the letter on your card. The first player to successfully get rid of all their cards wins. But, wait, there are a number of penalty and action cards that you can play, including STOP, REVERSE and SWAP, which make the game more challenging and fun.

The game is suitable for 2-8 players and is perfect for family get-togethers.

CRACK LIST is available to purchase from Amazon and all good Hobby Stores.

Dog-saster Dog Stacking Game

This is the canine version of the stacking game Jenga. In the box are 15 paw-some dogs to stack as high as you can. 

The concept of the game is simple. Players take turns to stack the pooches one on top of the other. You need a steady hand and the last person to stack a dog without it tumbling is the winner.

It's a fun and challenging game and is suitable for ages 6+.

Dogsaster Dog Stacking Game

You can order Dog-saster from Gift Republic or Oliver Bonas.

Barbie GMW07 Fresh 'n' Fun Food Truck

Featuring a 17-inch long vehicle with colourful Barbie graphics on its exterior and 30+ food truck accessories for playing and creative expression, the food truck opens into play areas to prepare and serve food. It includes a stove and griddle, smoothie station, serving bar and storage cupboards. There are also 30+ storytelling accessories like a free-standing menu board, pots, utensils, serving trays, plates, a fryer for French fries, smoothie blender, food items, condiments and seating. 

Barbie GMW07 Fresh 'n' Fun Food Truck

The food truck is a fun, educational and creative toy for kids aged 3 years and up and can keep them engrossed for hours at end.

Buy the Barbie GMW07 Fresh 'n' Fun Food Truck here.

Wasgij 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

For those who enjoy jigsaw puzzles, the Christmas Puzzle (from the Wasgij range) from Jumbo Games would make an excellent gift. 

The Wasgij range is unlike traditional puzzles in the sense that you need to piece together the puzzle using your imagination, based on the scene printed on the box. The puzzle will really make you think! It is lots of fun, challenging and you can get the whole family involved. 

Wasgij 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Illustrated by artist Neil Easton, the Wasgij Christmas follows the unique Wasgij Original 'what are they looking at?' puzzle concept. It's a whole lot of fun and because it is festive themed, it is perfect for the Christmas holidays.

The box includes 2 x1000 piece Wasgij jigsaw puzzles (a free bonus one) and is a great buy. Order it online from Amazon.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

If you know someone who loves the Monopoly board game, then they'll definitely love this quick-playing Monopoly card game! 

The playing deck includes 110 cards, including Property Cards, Rent Cards, House and Hotel Cards, and Wild Property Cards. Players are able to use action cards to charge rent and make tricky deals to pay off their debts. The first player to collect 3 complete Property Card sets in different colours is the winner.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

We love this game. It's one of our favourites when family and friends get together. It is fun, competitive and much better than the board game, in our opinion.

Suitable for ages 8+ and for 2-5 players, the Monopoly Deal Card Game can be purchased online from Amazon.

Garden Trivia Game

And our final suggestion is a card game that is perfect for the plant lovers. 

The game contains 100 plant cards each with an unique question about the world of plants, gardening and more. It is a fun game and the players not only get to test their gardening know-how but also get to learn some interesting facts about the plant world.

Garden Trivia Game

You can also add a mister or personalised gardening gloves to the card game making it a perfect gift for lovers of gardening.

Order it online from Not on the High Street.