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Vitamin D | Tablets, Sprays & Supplements

Ad | Contains affiliate links Vitamin D , or the 'Sunshine Vitamin' as it is also referred to as, is a very important vitamin ...

Importance of Vitamin D
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Vitamin D, or the 'Sunshine Vitamin' as it is also referred to as, is a very important vitamin that our body needs for optimal functioning of several systems. It is said to help maintain the immune system, support strong bones, maintain normal blood calcium levels and is also important for healthy teeth and muscles.

Deficiency in Vitamin D is linked to a number of health risks including:

- Muscle weakness
- Loss of bone density that might lead to fractures or Osteoporosis
- Rickets (usually in children)
- More likely to get heart diseases
- Reduced immunity leaving you prone to various infections and more.

The human body makes nearly 90% of the Vitamin D it needs from exposure to sunlight. The remainder comes from foods that are good sources of the vitamin. Foods that contain Vitamin D include eggs, fatty fish, canned fish, certain kinds of mushrooms, red meat and cod liver oil. Some products like milk, cereals etc are fortified with Vitamin D.

However, if you don't spend enough time in the sunlight or are on a diet which doesn't include foods with Vitamin D, then you may need to look at dietary supplements to get your dose of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D supplements are available in a range of formats - tablets, gummies, capsules, sprays, serums etc. Each one has its own benefits. For e.g. tablets usually have a longer shelf life than sprays, capsules are easier to swallow than tablets, sprays ensure better absorption, gummies are great for kids and so on. Which supplement you choose depends on your personal preference.

Listed below are some Vitamin D supplements currently available in the market.

Colief Vitamin D3 Drops

Colief is a well-known brand that specialises in baby care products. It is primarily known for its product called Colief Infant Drops, which is a dietary supplement designed to help babies digest lactose, a natural sugar found in milk. The nrand also has a range of other products including the Colief Vitamin D3 Drops.

Colief Vitamin D3 Drops serve as a rich Vitamin D3 source suitable for every member of the family. Free from added flavours, sugar, preservatives, or colourants, these drops offer a safe and efficient approach to bolster your immune system and bone health. Whether you're focused on sustaining adult bone strength or aiding your child's growth, Colief Vitamin D3 Drops offer an excellent means to enhance vitality.

Colief Vitamin D3 Drops

You can add these drops to your food or a drink or in the case of babies, you can also give them directly by mouth.

Oral drops have a number of advantages over tablets and capsules, primarily related to ease of administration, absorption, and versatility. If you are looking for Vitamin D supplements for individuals who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, such as children, elderly individuals, or those with certain medical conditions, then these drops are a great choice as they are easy to administer.

You can order the Colief Vitamin D3 Drops from

Bio-Synergy Vitamin D3 Capsules

Daniel Herman founded Bio-Synergy in 1997 out of a passion for fitness and a desire to create the first clean, effective and high quality range of sports nutrition. Since their launch, the brand have been at the forefront of innovation launching the first all-in-one shake in 1999 and the first ready-to-drink protein powder in 2000. 

Today, Bio-Synergy's product range includes energy & endurance supplements, protein shakes & powders and wellbeing products like vitamins & minerals.

Bio-Synergy Vitamin D3 Capsules

Bio-Synergy's Vitamin D3 capsules come in bottles of 90 and each capsule contains 5,000iu/125mcg Vitamin D3, 175mg Calcium and 135mg Phosphorus per capsule. The outer shell of the capsule is vegetarian. 1 capsule a day is recommended to support the immune system, and also for beneficial effects to mood, energy levels, heart & hair health.

You can order the Bio-Synergy Vitamin D3 capsules from

Vegetology Vitashine Vitamin D3 Spray and Tablets

Vegetology are makers of plant-based Vitamin D3 supplements. They are the world's only Vegan and Vegetarian Society registered plant-sourced Vitamin D3 brand. Their Vitamin D is derived from an organic plant source called Lichen (a composite organism consisting of a fungus and an algae).

There are two products from the brand that you could take a look at:

Vitashine Vitamin D3 Spray (£8.95) which is perfect for those who prefer not to take tablets. The spray provides 100% of the EU Nutrient Reference Value (200iu) in a single spray. The recommended dose is 5 sprays per day for 1000iu.

Vegetology Vitashine Vitamin D3 Spray and Tablets

The Vitashine Vitamin D tablets (from £8.95) are available in two strengths - 1000iu and 2500iu. These tablets are small, chewable and easy to swallow as well making them suitable for all ages. If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, and are looking for Vitamin D supplements that avoid animal products, then these supplements from Vegetology are a great pick.

Additionally, the bottles that the tablets come in are made from a sugar cane compound that is 100% biodegradable. Even the packing chips are non-plastic and made from starch instead, meaning they dissolve in water. We liked this eco-friendly approach of Vegetology.

You can learn more about Vegetology and shop their products at

Immune Support Plus from Immune Defence

Immune Support Plus is Immune Defence's most potent and powerful Vitamin D supplement product on the market. It blends Vitamin D with the antiviral Elderberry fruit to create a daily capsule which provides unparalleled support for the immune system.

Each capsule contains key immunity-boosting ingredients zinc, elderberry and vitamin C, vitamin D and l-lysine.

Immune Support Plus from Immune Defence

Elderberry is naturally rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients and strengthens the immune system by helping neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals and increasing production of cytokines.

Vitamin D helps in the healthy functioning of the immune system, improving the body's resistance against certain diseases. According to the product innovations team at Swiss Research Labs Ltd, "Vitamin D supplement is absolutely paramount to increasing overall health, but there’s always ways to make it more powerful and the unique blend of ingredients in Immune Support Plus not only will helps those who struggle with ill health but will support even those with good health."

The Immune Defence capsules are suitable from 12+ years and are vegan friendly.

Priced at £34.95 (RRP £44.95) for a one month supply (30 capsules), Immune Support Plus can be purchased from

BetterYou Vitamin D Sprays

BetterYou is a natural health company that offer a range of nutritional supplements developed in conjunction with the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research Team at Cardiff University. All their products are developed and formulated to overcome absorption challenges typically presented by traditional delivery methods.

Featured in this post are two of their popular Vitamin D sprays:
- DLux 3000 Vitamin D Oral Spray and
- DLux+ Vitamin D+K2 Oral Spray

The DLux 3000 Spray (£8.45) is an optimum strength vitamin D oral spray with a natural peppermint flavour. Each spray delivers 3000IU (75μg) of vitamin D3 and has been specially formulated to deliver vitamin D through the soft tissue of the mouth for optimal absorption.

DLux3000 has 100 sprays per bottle; so if you are use one spray per day it will last 100 days.

BetterYou Vitamin D Sprays

The DLux+ Vitamin D+K2 Oral Spray (£9.95) is an optimum strength supplement delivering 3000IU of vitamin D3 alongwith 75μg vitamin K2 to support a healthy immune system, healthy bones and blood clotting.

3 sprays deliver 3000IU (75μg) of vitamin D plus 75μg of vitamin K2 and like the other spray has a natural peppermint flavouring. There are 90 sprays in the bottle, providing a 30 day dose.

Both the sprays are convenient alternatives to tablets and capsules and can be purchased online from

Premier Research Labs D3 Serum

Premier Research Labs are leaders in cellular resonant nutrition technology. They are also an industry leader in excipient-free, preservative-free, premier quality nutritional products and super foods.

Their D3 Serum is a rich, live source of natural Vitamin D3 and offers targeted immune and cardiovascular support. The serum offers 1,000mg per serving of natural-source Vitamin D3 as a fat soluble liquid in a base of extra virgin olive oil. There are no artificial colourings or flavourings, no added magnesium stearate or other undesirable chemical agents in the serum.

Premier Research Labs D3 Serum

For those on any form of blood thinning medication, it is useful to know that the serum comes without K2.

A dropper dispenser is provided with the bottle and 1 drop is recommended daily with a meal.

Priced at £14.65 (12.6 ml), you can order the Premier Research Labs D3 Serum from

Healthspan Elite Vitamin D3 4,000iu

Healthspan was founded by Derek Coates in Guernsey in 1996. The brand's focus is on quality, value for money and great customer service. They have an impressive range of vitamins and supplements. They also offer a 'Subscribe & Save' service, where you can save money on every pack, every time. With the service, there is no need to re-order and it saves you time and hassle.

Healthspan's Elite Vitamin D3 comes as small ‘easy-swallow’ capsules that provide 4,000iu of Vitamin D3 (the form of Vitamin D most readily absorbed by the body). The capsules are gelatin free and are suitable for vegetarians.

Healthspan Elite Vitamin D3 4,000iu

Priced at £ 19.99 (120 capsules), you can order the Healthspan Elite Vitamin D3 4,000iu from

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3 5000iu

Garden of Life offers premium quality whole food products that are Certified USDA Organic, the equivalent of certified organic with EU standards, as well as third party Non-GMO Project Verified, with full traceability of ingredients.

Their Vitamin Code Raw D3 features raw food nutrients in a whole food fruit and vegetable base. Each capsule contains live bacteria and enzymes and are free from synthetics, fillers, artificial flavours, colours or additives.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3 5000iu

With fat soluble vitamin D3 and a whole food lipid base containing cracked wall chlorella, these capsules are designed to be easily absorbed. The raw, uncooked base blends 23 fruits and vegetables (apple, beetroot, blackberry, tomato, strawberry, garlic, spinach, ginger, cucumber, raspberry, celery, asparagus, green onion and more) and natural food cofactors.

The capsules are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and are suitable for vegetarians.

Priced at £19.25 for 60 capsules, you can buy Vitamin Code Raw D3 from

Note: Please do not take a higher dose of any vitamin supplement than recommended, unless your GP tells you to. 

The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your GP or other qualified healthcare providers with any queries you may have regarding a medical condition.

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