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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ad | Contains affiliate links Simply put, no one compares to a mother. She is special. For me, my mum is my closest friend, my confidante,...

Mothers Day Gift Guide
Ad | Contains affiliate links

Simply put, no one compares to a mother. She is special. For me, my mum is my closest friend, my confidante, my guardian, my mentor and so much more. There is no way to thank her enough for all that she has done and continues to do for me. We love talking to each other, so I make it a point to call her every single day. And she loves that. When any special occasion arises or Mother's Day comes around, I usually send her some gifts. Whatever the gift maybe, she treasures it because as she says it is the sweet gesture that counts the most.

This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, 19th March. And with that in mind, we have put together a gift guide that is packed full of ideas that make the perfect gift this Mother's Day. Take a look and you might spot something that would be perfect for your mum or any other motherly figure in your life.

Pink Peony Reed Diffuser and Room Spray from The Copenhagen Company

If your mum is a home fragrance lover, then a selection of products from The Copenhagen Company would make a great gift.

The Copenhagen Company is a family run business that has been in operation since 1999. Inspired by Founder Bo’s Danish roots and passion for fine fragrance, their collection includes an array of room sprays, diffusers and candles in a variety of sizes and scents. The Copenhagen Company's products are:

  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Ethical and Sustainable
  • Authentic Hygge and
  • Affordable without comprising on quality

We have included two fab items in this guide - the Pink Peony Reed Diffuser and the Pink Peony Room Spray. 

Pink Peony Reed Diffuser and Room Spray from The Copenhagen Company

The 150ml diffuser with a delicately feminine fresh pink floral fragrance has a diffusion time of up to 12 weeks. The 100ml room spray is from the same fragrance group and when used in conjunction with the diffuser, provides a scent boost. I liked the fragrance; it is not too strong or over powering but rather leaves a subtle and beautiful floral fragrance in the room.

Visit to check out all of their offerings.

FFØR Haircare

For the mum who prefers using sustainable and environmentally-conscious products, FFØR's range of professional salon products would be a great pick as a Mother’s Day gift.

FFØR haircare are a professional, vegan, cruelty-free, made in the UK brand and also the winners of several awards including Global Green Beauty Awards and Marie Claire Hair Awards. All their products are free from parabens, mineral oils, sythetic fragrances and sulphates and deliver beautiful, salon level results.

Their product range includes shampoos & conditioners, hair masks, scalp cleansers, styling products like smoothing mists, curl sprays, thickening foam and much more.

It is also worth mentioning here that all their products are packaged in fully recyclable bottles and tubes made from PCR materials.

We have included three of their products in this guide.

FFØR Haircare

Re:Vamp Shampoo - a body-boosting shampoo that is designed to maximise volume for all hair types. Its key ingredients are: Organic Bergamot Oil (helps to revitalise scalp and hair), Organic Vetiver Oil (known for its antiseptic properties which are beneficial to hair) and Sunflower Seed Oil (helps protect hair colour from fading & against free radical damage).

Re:Vamp Conditioner - an invigorating conditioner that is specially formulated to thicken all hair types to provide a boost in volume. With a blend of organic bergamot and vetiver, it helps nourish hair from the follicles and provides a luscious finish for hair with a full body and a natural, energised boost.

Re:Plenish Conditioning Mask - a moisture rich, intensely nourishing mask that deeply conditioners hair from end to end. Ultra-hydrating and natural, it is enriched with organically derived orange and cinnamon and is the perfect vegan-friendly mask to penetrate hair and boost hydration. It will also seal in split ends and protect hair from frizz, leaving it soft, smooth and sumptuous. 

I love all the three products but the conditioning mask is my favourite. Deeply moistursing and nourishing, it leaves my hair at its best.

You can check out all of FFØR's products at

Yonex GR303 Badminton Racket And Net Set from BadmintonHQ

For the mum who enjoys playing badminton, a great gift would be the Yonex GR303 Badminton Racket And Net Set.

The Yonex GR303 badminton set includes 4 durable steel framed rackets, 2 nylon shuttles, net and net posts. A carry case is also included. Priced at £55 (on sale at £39.95 at the time of publishing this post), the set is a great value setup and is perfect for hours of fun in the garden.

Yonex GR303 Badminton Racket And Net Set from BadmintonHQ

Yonex is a popular name in the world of badminton products and BadmintonHQ is an authorised Yonex Badminton Racket retailer, so you will find the best of Yonex's products on their website. You can sort the badminton rackets based on weight, the racket balance, the racket flex, the grip size or the player level, allowing you to pick the right racket set for your mum.

Order the Yonex GR303 Badminton Racket And Net Set from BadmintonHQ.

Sherpa Varuna Namaste Tee

If your mum loves sustainable products/brands then Sherpa Adventure Gear's products would make a thoughtful gift for her.

Sherpa Adventure Gear are a small brand committed to making a big impact. For each product purchased from them, they provide a donation to Room to Read’s Nepal Education Program.

We have included two products from the brand in the guide. 

First up is the Varuna SS Crew Namaste top. Light, durable and versatile, the top is made from a blend of organic cotton(60%) and recycled polyester(40%) for exceptional comfort and impeccable moisture control. The design features a classic crew neck, cap sleeves and moderate length for a relaxed fit and a modern look. Thw word 'namaste' in Nepali language (in the Devanagari script) is printed on the top. It is a beautiful top; versatile and super comfy to wear.

Sherpa Varuna Namaste Tee

Sherpa Bhodi Tote

The second item we picked is a sustainable tote bag that features the sacred fig Bhodi tree design. The design represents a powerful symbol in Buddhism of joy and enlightenment! A beautiful bag that makes the perfect thoughtful gift for mum.

The tote bag is available in two colours - cheery sorbet or subtle haze.

Sherpa Bhodi Tote

You can order both these products from or from Sherpa Adventure Gear's Amazon store.

I couldn't put together a Mother's Day gift guide and not include a selection of yummy food/drink gifts. So here are some of my favourite food/drink gift ideas.

Gourmet Popcorn from Joe & Seph's

Gourmet popcorn makers Joe & Seph's have a range of over 50 flavours of popcorn, 10 caramel sauces and are the winners of 82 Great Taste Awards!

Handmade by a small team of pastry chefs in London, using only the finest natural ingredients, their gourmet popcorn range has somethig to suit every taste. The flavours are unusual and wonderful; for e.g. their Fruity Popcorn collection includes flavours like Lemon & Poppy Seed, Rhubarb & Custard and Strawberries & Cream while their Spicy collection includes flavours like Caramel, Pepper & Chilli and the Brewdog Madras Curry with Black Onion Seed & Lime. They even have a vegan range and a 'tipsy' range.

Gourmet Popcorn from Joe & Seph's

You can purchase one of their themed popcorn bundles (e.g. Italian bundle, Autumnal collection, Cocktail collection etc.) or put together a bundle yourself for your mum. Either ways, it is a great way to taste a lot of new popcorn creations and makes a great gift for a popcorn connoisseur!

Check out the entire collection at or order from Joe & Seph's Amazon Store.

PiQi Probiotic Water Kefir

When someone says kefir, what comes to your mind? Probiotic, gut-friendly, milk-based drinks? You are right, but did you know that there is a completely dairy-free kefir as well? 

PiQi, founded by vegan entrepreneurs Aksana Fitzpatrick and Nick Young, has created sparkling fermented Water Kefir. It is ideal for those who are on a dairy-free diet and who wish to take good care of their health because it offers all the fantastic gut health advantages of conventional kefir without the dairy. 

PiQi Probiotic Water Kefir

Made from water, kefir culture (mixture of bacteria and yeast known as ‘water kefir grains’) and organic sugar, PiQi’s Water Kefir is a living fermented drink with a distinctive light tangy taste and probiotic qualities.

Dairy-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free and packed with billions of gut-friendly probiotic cultures PiQi’s Water Kefir is said to help support the immune system and improve general wellbeing. It is available in four flavours: 

  • Original - with a honey-like aroma, light and slightly fruity flavour.
  • Ginger + Lemon - zesty drink with subtle citrus notes.
  • Butterfly Pea - rich in antioxidants and with a delicate aroma.
  • Grapefruit + Cardamom - a sophisticated flavour, made with organic grapefruit and fragrant cardamom.

Refreshing and flavourful, we loved all the flavours. The PiQi Kefir Selection Case (8 x 250ml bottles) is priced at £28.50 and can be purchased from

NOMO Vegan Chocolate

NOMO stands for No Missing Out and it is one of the most popular Vegan & Free From Chocolate brands in the UK. Created by Kinnerton Confectionery, NOMO's product range is not only vegan, but is also free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts. So, it can be enjoyed by all mum’s – whether they’re vegan, non-vegan, allergy sufferers or simply lovers of great quality chocolate.

NOMO Vegan Chocolate

Even though the products are vegan they taste just as good, if not better, than milk chocolate. We can vouch for that. When we were first introduced to NOMO, we fell in love with their quality and taste. It's certainly one of the top vegan chocolate brands in the UK. So, its no wonder that their NOMO caramel bar was voted 2020’s Best Vegan Chocolate by Vegan Food UK.

NOMO have recently added new products to their range - the Caramelised Biscuit Choc Bar and Giant Buttons both of which are absolutely delish like their other products. You must give it a try.

You can check out all of NOMO's products and order from or alternatively order from NOMO's Amazon Store.

Agnes Arber Rhubarb Gin

Next on our list is a wonderful gift for the mum who loves her gin.

Distilled in one of Langley Distillery’s oldest working copper gin stills (named Jenny) is the Agnes Arber Rhubarb Gin. Dedicated to Agnes Arber who was the first woman to receive the Gold Medal of the Linnean Society, a world-famous institution dedicated to the study of natural history, the Rhubarb Gin is a convergence of nine herbs and fruits (juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia, lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange and liquorice).

Agnes Arber Rhubarb Gin

Presented in a bright and beautifully illustrated bottle, the gin is infused with the delicious signature tartness of rhubarb and tastes great. The full strength gin has the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness and works well in gin-inspired cocktails. It is lovely.

You can pick up the Agnes Arber Rhubarb Gin from

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