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Valentine's Day Gift Guide | The Food and Drinks Edition

Ad | Contains affiliate links Check out our top picks for the best Valentine's Day presents for foodies. Whether you are looking to ge...

Valentine's Day Gift Guide | The Food and Drinks Edition
Ad | Contains affiliate links

Check out our top picks for the best Valentine's Day presents for foodies. Whether you are looking to get something for your spouse, partner, a dear friend or even for yourself, you are sure to find something in this guide. It has an interesting selection of indulgent edible treats! Take a look.

ohso's Chocolate Probiotic Range

ohso have taken delicious Belgian Chocolate and added over a billion 'gut friendly bacteria' to each bar making it a delicious and health treat.

ohso's Chocolate Probiotic Range is ideal for anyone who is health conscious and enjoys chocolate too! According to ohso, research suggests consuming probiotics in chocolate is x3 more effective than leading dairy shots. And that's why ohso have combined delicious Belgian chocolate with over a billion Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium live cultures making an irresistible sweet treat. 

ohso's Chocolate Probiotic Range

All ohso chocolate bars have no added dairy and are certified gluten free. And their 'No Added Sugar' range has only 2% naturally occurring sugars.

We loved these bars - great on taste and good for the gut too! You can check out all of ohso's products at

Huge Valentines Sweet & Chocolate Box from Sweet Hamper Company

Know some who loves chocolates and retro sweets? Then the Huge Valentines Sweet & Chocolate Box from Sweet Hamper Company is a great pick. It is sure to sweeten up your sweetheart's day.

The Sweet & Chocolate Box is filled to the brim with romantic and classic goodies like Heartthrobs, Pink hearts, Love Heart Candy Sticks, Heart Candy Pop, Milk Chocolate Rose and so much more. 

There are actually a total of 38 different sweets and chocolates in the box. 

Huge Valentines Sweet & Chocolate Box from Sweet Hamper Company

Depending on stock availability, the items included in the box are Juicy Red Lips, Heart Throbs, Strawberry Twist Kisses, Pink Hearts, Jelly Love Hearts, Pink Hearts, Jelly Love Hearts, Fizzy Watermelon Slices, Love Hearts Dip, Refresher Chew Bar, Giant Love Hearts, Stinger Bar, Heart Candy Pop, Candy Lipstick, Candy Necklace, Gummy Hot Dog, Flump, Rainbow Drops, Drumstick Chews Original Sticks Pack, Sherbet Dip Dab, Refresher Chew Bar Strawberry, Vimto Chew Bar, Refresher Sour Apple Bar, Double Lollies, Fruit Salad Stick Pack, Love Heart Candy Sticks, Candy Watch, Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramel, Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Treat Bar, Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel, Galaxy Minstrels, Milk Chocolate Rose, Milk Chocolate Hearts, Curly Wurly, Galaxy Ripple and Toffee Poppets.

Sounds delish, isn't it?

You'd be hard-pressed to find a sweet treat lover who doesn't love this box of goodies. It is packed with an assortment of sweets & chocolates that'll delight any recipient.

Plus, you can add a free personalised gift card too with the box. Order the box from

Also, the website offers the option to build you own sweet & chocolate box. Take a look at it here.

Livia's Vegan Sweet Treats

Plant-based, gluten and dairy free, Livia's use only simple and natural ingredients to create delicious, indulgent treats. Some of the their popular products are their Million Squares range and the Nugglets range.

The Million Squares are currently available in two flavours - Chocolate Orange and Salted Caramel. 

The Salted Caramel Million Squares includes layers of gooey date caramel, oat biscuit and a dark chocolate topping while the Chocolate Orange Million Squares are made up of three yummy layers of oaty biscuit, gooey date caramel with natural orange oil & fresh orange zest and dark chocolate. Both the flavours are made with high quality, Tunisian dates and are 100% plant-based and gluten & dairy free. There are no preservatives of any kind!

Livia's Vegan Sweet Treats

Nugglets are delicious, gluten-free and perfect as an on-the-go treat. Nugglets are available in two flavours - Raw Cookie Dough and Choc Brownie. The former is made with authentic Tunisian dates, simple fine oats centre that is wrapped in smooth velvety creamy chocolate. The Choc Brownie is also made with high quality Tunisian dates which gives a squidgy chocolate brownie texture and the covering is made of smooth velvety creamy chocolate. Both the varieties are delicious, gluten & dairy free and contain no preservatives.

A box full of Livia's vegan products would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys plant-based sweet treats. You can order it from here.

Red Letter Days Dining Delights Gift Box

Red Letter Days have a fantastic selection of gifts for Valentine's Day. Whether you want to treat your Valentine to a Champagne Afternoon Tea, brunch at a restaurant with a view, fine dining at a Michelin star restaurant or even a gin experience at a distillery, Red Letter Days have it all. There is loads to choose from and you can easily impress your date with something unique and special this Valentine's Day.

Featured in this guide is the Dining Delights Gift Box from Red Letter Days. It is a wonderful gift as the recipient gets the chance to choose from a multitude of UK-based foodie experiences.

Red Letter Days Dining Delights Gift Box

The voucher is valid for 24 months and includes a range of luxury dining experience at a choice of UK restaurants. As an example, if you are looking at London experiences, you and your Valentine could enjoy a 2 Course Lunch with Sides and a Glass of Prosecco at The Grill at Harrods or Champagne Afternoon Tea at the Park Room at 5 Star Grosvenor House or Gin Afternoon Tea at Brigit’s Bakery or Vegan Five Course Tasting Menu and a Glass of Prosecco at The Athenaeum. The list is exhaustive.

Redeeming the gift box voucher is very simple. To start the booking process you need to visit Red Letter Days and activate the voucher using the voucher reference details, you'll then need to generate a unique booking code. Once the code has been generated, follow the online booking link in order to make a reservation, alternatively contact the provider directly using the contact details provided. As easy as that.

You can purchase the here. Alternately, you can explore all of Red Letter Days' gift boxes here.

The Ultimate Coffee Selection Box from Artisan Coffee Co. 

For the coffee-loving Valentine, we would recommend one of Artisan Coffee Co's best sellers. They have a fantastic assortment of coffee-related presents for everyone from casual coffee drinkers to coffee connoisseurs! 

Artisan Coffee Co. was founded by Michelin-starred chef Ashley Palmer Watts (formerly at Heston’s The Fat Duck) to deliver delicious coffee that everybody can enjoy. 

Recently, Artisan Coffee Co. partnered with a talented creative artist - Autistic Ian, to create a selection of limited-edition prints inspired by the six different coffee blends offered by Artisan Coffee Co. which have been scientifically created to enhance the at-home coffee experience. 

The special prints will be delivered to customers who purchase products worth £50 or more from the Artisan Coffee Co. website, with royalties from every sale being donated to the National Autistic Society.

You can read more about Ian and the collaboration with Artisan Coffee Co. here.

Autistic Ian's artwork

Coming back to coffee gifts for your Valentine, whether they are a Nespresso pod fan or someone who is always drinking coffee on the go or a  coffee connoisseur, Artisan Coffee Co's gift collection offers a range of unique blends perfectly suited to every brew type, every taste and every budget.

Featured in this guide is the Ultimate Coffee Selection Box which includes artisan chocolate flights, discs of delicious chocolate perfectly partnered to the best sellers from Artisan Coffee Co's Signature Collection.

The Ultimate Coffee Selection Box from Artisan Coffee Co.

The Selection Box includes 

  • 12 x Nespresso® Original compatible pods
  • 12 x Coffee Bags
  • 6 x 30g Ground Coffee sachets
  • 12 x Individually wrapped chocolates
  • Brew Guides & Tasting Sheet

The coffees included are:

  • The Big Shot (Dark chocolate, fudge & vanilla)
  • The Heroine (Chocolate, caramel & roasted hazelnut)
  • The Smart Cookie (Nibbed cocoa, honey & biscuit)
  • The Genius (Malted cocoa, pecan & raisin)
  • The Enigma (Deep cocoa & dark jammy fruit)
  • The Dreamer (Honeyed chocolate & walnut)

This was the first time we tried Artisan Coffee Co's products and we loved their signature 100% natural Arabica specialty coffees. And their 'Chocolate flights', with hand-picked chocolate treats to match the flavour profile of the selected coffees, is a fantastic idea. 

We loved all the flavours included; they were delicious and great quality. This selection box would make a great gift for coffee lovers. You can order it here.

Purely Plantain Chips

This Valentine's Day, Purely, a small, independently owned, specialised producer of plantain chips, is on a mission to spread the love for this little-known fruit by emphasising the benefits of consuming this delicious, plant-based snack for your health, the local Ecuadorian economy and the environment. 

Plantains farmed by local plantation growers in Ecuador are used to make Purely's chips. Not only are the chips deliciously authentic as a result, but their production also benefits the neighbourhood and its economy. 

Purely Plantain Chips

If your Valentine loves snacking, then a box of Purely's Plantain Chips would be heartily welcome. Not only are they a healthier alternative to potato crisps, they chips are also low in sugar, totally plant-based, gluten-free and also score top points for taste.

Thick-cut plantain slices are kettle-cooked in traditional Ecuadorian manner, using sunflower oil (not palm oil) and local expertise. The plantain chips are currently available in 3 flavours - Sea Salt, Wild Garlic, and Nice & Spicy.

You can purchase them from

Passion Fruit Spritz from the Bottled Cocktail Company

Passion Fruit Spritz (18% abv) is Bottled Cocktail Company (BCC)'s take on the classic Spritz featuring a combination of fresh and tropical passion fruit, bitter orange liquor and aromatic bergamot essence, this drink is designed to be topped up with sparkling wine (or your favourite tonic water). 

Passion Fruit Spritz from the Bottled Cocktail Company

It opens up with the citrusy aroma of bergamot combined with exotic, sweet and slightly tart passion fruit, revealing layers of complexity from the aromatic botanicals and bitter orange at each sip. Perfect for the mum who enjoys a good tipple and is happy to try something different from the usual aperitif Spritzes. 

Priced at £33 (70cl), the Passion Fruit Spritz can be ordered from here.

Churchill's Confectionery Carousel Tin - English Toffee

For the Valentine who loves retro confectionery, Churchill's have a delicious range of sweets, chocolates and biscuits. All their products are decoratively packaged in hand-crafted gift bags and novelty tins. 

Churchill's Confectionery Carousel Tin - English Toffee

'Carousel' is a beautifully crafted toffee tin that is embossed with a scene from a carnival and depicts everything so realistically. The packaging is beautiful and so are the sweet treats that are inside the tin. There's English toffee and Vanilla fudge and both are delicious. Great old fashioned sweets - simple, tasty and made to perfection. 

You can pick up the Churchill's Confectionery Carousel Tin from Amazon.

Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate liqueurs make great gifts. And Austrian liqueur brand, Mozart's dark chocolate liqueur is a top pick in the category. Made from the finest of ingredients like dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel and with smoky herbal notes of cocoa beans, this decadent and rich chocolate liqueur is very versatile. It can be enjoyed neat with some ice, in cocktails, drizzled over ice cream, in tiramisu or added to a dessert sauce.

Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Mozart's dark chocolate liqueur is gluten-free and doesn't contain any cream making it a great gift for vegans as well.

A fab gift for someone who loves dark chocolate, you can purchase the Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur from Amazon.

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