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Gift Ideas for Christmas

Picking the perfect gift is a mammoth task but worry not as we have put together a gift guide featuring a diverse selection of products in ...

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Picking the perfect gift is a mammoth task but worry not as we have put together a gift guide featuring a diverse selection of products in all price ranges. Take a look below and you might find the perfect stocking filler, secret Santa gift or a special present for a loved one.

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Beauty Kin Discovery Bundle

Nada Ward created Beauty Kin with a mission to turn bath and shower time into an experience for everybody. All their products contain ingredients that have been chosen to target specific skin issues. Beauty Kin are Vegan Society accredited, RSPO certified and Cruelty Free and all their packaging is fully recyclable - they are completely Plastic-Free.

Featured in this guide is their Discovery Bundle which contains four, full-sized bars from their range, complete with a Kin pouch. The four bars are:

  • Hydrating bar: As you can guess from the name, this bar hydrates the skin targeting dry skin conditions. Key ingredients include Squalane to hydrate the skin, Tomato seed oil to improve skin's elasticity, Jojoba to soothe and calm skin and Bergamot to add a spicy floral scent.
  • Exfoliating bar: This bar is ideal for dead skin removal, ingrown hair removal and to unclog pores. It contains Lactic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, ground Olive stone to remove dead skin and Grapefruit to add some zing! 
  • Clarifying bar: This one targets blemish prone, oily skin. It has a pH balanced base that's gentle and is soap-free meaning it doesn't dry the skin or clog the pores. The bar contains Salicylic Acid to exfoliate, Tamanu to reduce redness and scars and Neroli which is known to be anti- bacterial and adds a lovely fragrance.
  • Shave bar: If your skin is prone to razor rashes and burn, this soap bar is for you. It contains Coconut to provide glide, Squalane to hydrate the skin post shave and Lavender to calm the skin.

Beauty Kin Discovery Bundle

It is fab bundle of bars that are made in the UK, are vegan, cruelty-free, contain no SLS or parabens, are pH balanced and non-drying. 

The Discovery Bundle is currently available for £29.99 from

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Set

For someone who loves cruelty-free skincare and makeup products, Dr. Hauschka have a diverse range of ethical and environmentally friendly makeup and skincare products including seasonal gift sets.

Their Rose Day Cream Set is one of their best-sellers which brings harmonising hydration to normal, dry, mature and sensitive skins. This festive season, it stars in a perfect capsule collection. The gift set contains:

  • Rose Day Cream 
  • Soothing Cleansing Milk 
  • Facial Toner 

The Rose Day Cream contains rose water, rose wax and extracts of rose, marshmallow and anthyllis to protect, calm and balance the skin, while marshmallow root extract and avocado, sesame, almond and wheatgerm oils helps with hydration. 

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Set

The Soothing Cleansing Milk is a great way to gently remove make-up. It can also be used as a daily cleanser in the mornings and evenings to prepare the skin for a toner and any further skin care steps. The cleansing milk contains anthyllis, jojoba and almond oil to gently cleanse and maintain the skin’s naturally protective acid mantle.

The Facial Toner contains anthyllis extract that helps skin remain balanced and healthy and witch hazel extract that supports tone and elasticity of the skin. You can use it both in your morning and evening skincare routine or any time in between to leave skin looking and feeling healthy, toned and radiant.

A fab gift set that will be appreciated and well-received by the recipient.

You can order the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Set from

Cotton Traders Fleece Lined Slipper Socks

Great quality, great price and excellent as a stocking filler are these Fleece Lined Slipper Socks from Cotton Traders.

Cotton Traders Fleece Lined Slipper Socks

Fleece lined and with an all-over Fair Isle design, these socks are super cosy and comfortable to wear around the house. Not only are they well-made and look great but they keep the feet nice & toasty too! And they come with slip-resistant rubber grips which makes every step you take safer.

You can order these fleece lined slipper socks from the Cotton Traders' website.

Hemsley Organics Glow & Hydrate Limited Edition Gift Set

Know someone who loves vegan, sustainable and organic skincare products? An excellent gift for them would be one of the Christmas gift sets from Hemsley Organics.

Hemsley Organics are a British, vegan company creating organic, hydrating and sustainable, reiki infused skincare which has been 'Blessed by energy and nurtured by nature'.

According to Hemsley Organics, "Their suitable for all skin types range is directed at individuals who are looking for skincare that provides hardworking, science backed, age supportive, revolutionary, organic, natural and effective results."

Their Christmas Gifts Sets include the following:

  • Night Time Ritual Limited Edition Gift Set
  • The Anahata Collection Christmas Edition and 
  • Glow & Hydrate Limited Edition Gift Set

The Glow & Hydrate Limited Edition Gift Set features daily skin essentials to nourish & hydrate the skin. 

Hemsley Organics Glow & Hydrate Limited Edition Gift Set

The gift set includes:

  • Intensive Eye Serum | 15ml | 95% Organic
  • Intensive Face Serum | 30ml | 95% Organic
  • Age Defying Day Cream | 50ml | 75% Organic 

Antioxidant-rich, both the serums instantly improve and refresh the feeling and radiance of your skin; plumping it for a youthful glow. The Day Cream keeps skin moisturised throughout the day, effectively plumping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Because of the brands usage of undiluted formulas that offer superior hydration, there is no need to reapply the products as they have been designed to keep skin hydrated all day. 

When purchased individually the products are worth £103, but it is £85 when bought as a gift set - meaning a savings of £17.

The products are️ vegan, cruelty-free, synthetic fragrance free, sustainable and natural. And the best part is that they are reiki-infused. A wonderful gift! Get it here.

OOFOS Women's Ooahh Limited Edition Slide Sandal (Leopard Print)

OOFOS are the original active recovery footwear brand, designed to support your feet and make you feel better! Their footwear range is powered by their proprietary OOfoam™ an innovative, cutting-edge material that absorbs 37% more impact and is designed to help you recover without slowing you down.

The Women's Ooahh Limited Edition Slide Sandal is an evolution of the OOFOS OOriginal, featuring an agile OOfoam™ strap for additional support and comfort. The sandals feature bold, sporty, hand-painted graphics on the upper strap and are extremely comfortable to wear. You can feel the stress on your knees and ankles reducing when you wear the sandals.

OOFOS Women's Ooahh Limited Edition Slide Sandal (Leopard Print)

If you know someone who is actively on their feet every day, then these OOFOS sandals are sure to provide them with the comfort their feet need.

According to OOFOS, the sandals have been 'designed to soothe and reinvigorate feet after a tough workout' by relieving stress on the feet, knees, and lower back. So, these would make great gifts for athletes too.

Also, worth mentioning here is that OOFOS are completely vegan and contain no animal by-products.

In addition to this limited-edition leopard print, the sandals come in a range of other colours as well. You can check out all of OOFOS women's sandals at

Skinny Tan Wonder Tanning Collection Gift Set

Know a tan lover? Get them the Skinny Tan Wonder Tanning Collection Gift Set which includes everything one needs to get that perfect tan.

The gift set includes:

  • Skinny Tan’s iconic Wonder Serum 
  • a luxurious velvety soft Dual Tanning Mitt 
  • a back Applicator
  • a Dry Mist Finishing Spray and
  • Face Tanning Wonder Drops

All products needed to get the perfect glow!

Skinny Tan Wonder Tanning Collection Gift Set

And all of this comes in a luxury velvet cosmetics case, making it a Wonder-Ful gift of all this season. 

You can shop all of Skinny Tan's fabulous product bundles at

Cotton Traders Embroidered Shopper Bag

Cotton Traders' embroidered shopper bag comes in two lovely Scandi folklore-inspired designs - an owl and a floral pattern, both set on a neutral background with powdery pastels and navy accents. 

Cotton Traders Embroidered Shopper Bag

In a durable woven fabric, the shopper bag comes with inner slip pockets and a secure zip fastening. Beautifully made, great quality and roomy enough to hold all your essentials, this makes for a practical and wonderful gift. Priced at £16, it is available to purchase from

Jana Reinhardt Penguin Necklace

Jana Reinhardt are a husband & wife team who are both master-goldsmiths and are as passionate about hand making jewellery, as they are about animal welfare and green living. All their pieces are made from 100% recycled precious metals, and all gemstones are ethically sourced or lab-grown and their packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic free.

Featured in this guide is the Penguin Necklace made from Sterling Silver. It is such a lovely necklace with a little penguin measuring 14 x 11mm with an adjustable chain. The necklace is from Jana Reinhardt's Polar Nights Collection and serves as a reminder to stay flexible and remain centred within yourself just like the penguins who are known to adapt to any situation. 

Jana Reinhardt Penguin Necklace

This penguin necklace is handmade in Britain, and you can even get up to 3 characters engraved on the back of the penguin for a £15 engraving charge.

In addition to 925 Sterling Silver, the necklace is also available in 9ct or 18ct solid gold and platinum.

It is an exquisite piece of jewelry, very beautifully made and with the engraving option, you can make this a truly unique and personal gift. The necklace comes beautifully presented in an eco-friendly box.

If you know of someone who would appreciate a hand-crafted piece of jewelry that has been made using traditional and sustainable methods, then this necklace would be a perfect gift for them.

You can check out all of Jana Reinhardt's offerings at


For someone who loves innovative beauty tech, RÉDUIT BOOST would be an excellent gift.

Swiss precision beauty brand, RÉDUIT, recently launched BOOST; the world’s first bespoke skincare device that works in tandem with the user's existing skincare routine. 

According to RÉDUIT, "featuring an entirely new beauty technology, BOOST and its accompanying app, customises the user's favourite skincare products, ensuring their skin receives the actives it needs most and provides more absorption than fingers alone, to give better results."


The device's app uses information provided by the user like - their skin type, gender, age and environment etc. and then scans their skincare products to ensure all the important actives are pushed deep into the skin where they are needed most. For e.g.  antioxidants need to be at the deepest layers of the epidermis to function while brightening and hydrating agents belong in the middle layers and UV protection agents should be at the surface. 

BOOST is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of the hand, and with a comfortable silicone touch and feel the device glides effortlessly over the skin delivering alternating vibrations for a relaxing, facial massage vibration. 

It is available in four lovely colours and can easily be taken on the go so that one need not ever leave their skincare routine behind. A fab gift for someone who loves their skincare routine.

You can learn more about BOOST and order it online from

LumaSkin Face Masks

Have you heard of LumaSkin? They are a clean beauty brand founded by Bea Barter. The brand launched its first products in February 2022 - a collection of face masks and body scrubs created from the powerful, natural ingredients found in the Amazon.

Featured in this guide are three of their most popular clay masks:

  • Brazilian Red Clay (Hydrating)
  • Brazilian Yellow Clay (Rejuvenating)
  • Brazilian Pink Clay (Detoxifying)

The Red Clay mask is ideal for mature or sensitive skin and helps in skin hydration and nutrition. It has a high absorption power, removing dirt, toxins, oils and other impurities.

LumaSkin Face Masks

The Yellow Clay mask is rich in silicon and has a toning action. It helps to revitalise even the most sensitive skin, bringing back the hydrated and healthy look of the skin.

The Pink Clay mask is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. It helps in healing, regeneration and skin hydration, absorbs toxins and has an anti-inflammatory action. It helps remove impurities from your skin without drying it out, leaving a soft and refreshing touch.

All the masks contain ingredients that are natural, vegan and LumaSkin do not test on animals. If you know someone who uses vegan, natural, cruelty free beauty products, then LumaSkin's products would make great gifts for them.

Check out LumaSkin's product range at

Balega Ultralight Running Socks

If you are looking for a stocking filler for your running buddy or for someone who loves to cycle, then these are perfect gifts.

Balega Ultralight Running Socks are made with ultrafine hi-tech performance yarns and feature a protection-based design to create the sheerest, lightest performance no show running sock. With the proprietary Drynamix moisture management technology, these socks aim to keep your feet cool and dry, while allowing free airflow for maximum comfort, performance, and durability.

Balega Ultralight Running Socks

Ultralight with an extra-deep heel pocket and seamless reinforced toe for maximum comfort, these Balega socks are hand-inspected for quality and come with 1 year warranty.

Great gift for the runner.

The Balega Ultralight Running Socks is priced at £15 and comes in a range of colours and sizes. You can order it online from 


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  2. the Jana Reinhardt Penguin Necklace is adorable!!! My daughter is so into penguins and would be a great gift idea for her.