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Win Tea India's Selection of Regional Teas

Ad | Contains affiliate links Tea India offer a wide selection of authentic Indian teas ranging from rich spiced chai to single estate regio...

Delicious teas from Tea India

Ad | Contains affiliate links

Tea India offer a wide selection of authentic Indian teas ranging from rich spiced chai to single estate regional teas to wellness blends infused with authentically Indian herbs with each blend offering an unique and delicious taste experience.

Sustainability is a key part of Tea India's ethos and to this end they try to help protect the environment in whatever way they can. All of their tea bags are biodegradable made from a plant-based material called PLA (derived from wood pulp and vegetable starch). It keeps the tea super fresh and is also industrially compostable. In addition to their focus on sustainability, Tea India is also involved in a number of community projects.

We, at DB Reviews, were introduced to Tea India a few years back and love their range of teas. Featured in today's post are 4 fantastic teas from Tea India's Regional Teas range.

These teas are sourced from some of the most established tea gardens in India. Each of the tea garden is located in a different region of the country and gets its name based on the location. These are single estate teas that benefit from the mix of soil and climate in their region. Take a look!

Darjeeling: The delightfully delicate and lemony Darjeeling tea, dubbed the champagne of teas, is cultivated in the Himalayan highlands. Only a tiny quantity of this medium-bodied, intensely aromatic tea is grown each year in the Badamtam tea garden. If you are someone who enjoys top-quality flavour and aroma, this is the tea for you.

Assam: The Margherita tea gardens, which are situated in the low-lying plains of the Brahmaputra River delta, are the source of Tea India's malty and robust single-estate Assam tea. Assam tea has a full-bodied, malty flavour and a wonderful deep colour due to its low-density cultivation. 

Delicious Assam and Darjeeling teas from Tea India

Kashmiri Kahwa: Kahwa is a typical Indian beverage from the Kashmir region that combines fragrant green tea with a hint of sweetness from rose petals and cinnamon. A lovely drink packed with flavour, I enjoy the Kahwa with some added dried rose petals!

Nilgiri: Grown high in the Nilgiri hills in the most southern part of India, this one is a deliciously dark and aromatic tea. With a a well-balanced flavour it is extremely gentle on the palate and is best enjoyed with milk and a little bit of sugar/sweetener.

Tea India source their Nilgiri teas from the Craigmore tea garden nestled at an elevation of 5,500 feet. The mix of soil and climate in this region provides the perfect conditions for some of the world’s finest teas including this one.

Delicious Nilgiri tea and Kashmiri Kahwa from Tea India

We loved all the 4 Regional Teas. Great flavours, good packaging and great price. What's not to like!

You can check out all of Tea India's offerings at or on Amazon.

And if you would like to win this selection of Regional Teas from Tea India, enter the competition below. All the best!

Win a selection of Regional Teas from Tea India


  1. I like the sound of the Darjeeling tea and would share it with my son as he loves to try different teas!

  2. I especially like the sound of the Assam tea. I would share this tea selection with my daughter.

  3. I would love to try Nilgiri as it sounds delicious and would share with my sister as we love trying new teas!

  4. I'd like to try the NILGIRI tea blend.

  5. I like green tea and exploring different herbal/fruit teas, so the Kashmiri Kahwa sounds the most interesting.

  6. I think the Assam tea would be best, I love strong tea and so does my husband who would share a cup with me

  7. Darjeeling. I like the citrus back note. I’d share with my hubby

  8. I'd love to try the Assam tea with my daughter-in-law

  9. the Darjeeling tea sounds refreshing

  10. The Assam tea sounds lovely (they all do!)