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The Best Gifts for Foodie Dads

Ad | Contains affiliate links Father’s Day is fast approaching. This year it falls on the 20th of June (the third Sunday of the month). As ...

The Best Gifts for Foodie Dads

Ad | Contains affiliate links

Father’s Day is fast approaching. This year it falls on the 20th of June (the third Sunday of the month). As gift guides are quite popular on the blog, I have put together a couple of guides for this year too, and the first one features gifts for every kind of foodie dad. Take a look!

Kopparberg Vodka

Swedish brand Kopparberg who are known for their fruity ciders, had branched out into the world of spirits by adding rum and gin to their product range. And very recently they launched a new vodka range which is available in three delicious flavours - lemon, passionfruit and strawberry & lime.

Kopparberg Vodka

Presented in eye-catching bottles, the new range packs a punch both in terms of flavour and colour. If your dad enjoys flavoured vodkas, then this new range from Kopparberg with its bold burst of fruity flavour would make a great gift. It can be enjoyed with soda mixers, lemonade or in a variety of classic vodka cocktail recipes.

Priced at £18 (RRP) for a 70cl bottle, the Kopparberg Flavoured Vodka (ABV 37.5%) is available to purchase from ASDA, Morrisons and Ocado.

To explore Kopparberg's entire product range, visit

Willie's Cacao Dark, Milk, White Chocolate Discovery Box

Does your dad love chocolate? Then Willie's Cacao have the perfect gift for him - a chocolate tasting box including raw cacao beans, roasted cocoa nibs and 10 all natural, artisan chocolate bars made from the best single estate cacaos in the world. There are two versions of the discovery box available: Dark Chocolates and Milk, Dark, White Chocolates (featured in the guide).

Included in the Dark, Milk and White Tasting box are 10 x 50g chocolates - Pure Gold 100% Sur del Lago Cacao, 3 single estate dark chocolates, 2 single estate milk chocolates, 2 flavoured bars and 2 special editions (not found in any shop). A Flavour Map and Tasting Notes are also included.

Willie's Cacao Dark, Milk, White Chocolate Tasting Box

Plus your dad will have the chance to join Willie’s Live Virtual Chocolate Tasting, free on Zoom at 6pm on Father’s Day to taste the chocolates in the box. A great gift & experience for the chocolate-loving dad.

The Tasting Boxes are priced at £22.99 each and can be purchased online from

Berry Bros. & Rudd - The Perspective Series 21 Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky

The Perspective Series 21-Year-Old is a rich and complex blend of whiskies. Fresh, vibrant fruit is undercut by delicate oak and spice, gracefully interwoven with vanilla and honey, while a lingering finish caps the experience. Its beautiful label features an arresting photograph of the rugged Sandwood Bay coastline by photographer Lindsay Robertson. And only 6,300 bottles have been produced in total. 

Berry Bros. & Rudd - The Perspective Series 21 Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky

Getting your dad a bottle of the Perspective Series 21-Year-Old will surely score you some major points.

With an RRP of £89, the Perspective Series 21-Year-Old can be purchased from

Writers' Tears Whiskey - 3x Miniatures

Next on the list is an amazing gift that is sure to put a smile on a whisky lover's face! It's a fun gift pack containing 3 miniatures of Writers' Tears Irish Whiskey. The packaging is great - it looks like the 3 bottles are housed in a cut-out book box and it is ideal for stashing away on a bookcase!

Writers' Tears Whiskey - 3x Miniatures

The trio included in the box are:

  • Writers' Tears Cask Strength: triple distilled, aged single pot still and single malt whiskey. 
  • Writers' Tears Copper Pot: a light, sweet Irish whiskey made using a mix of single pot still and single malt whiskeys, resulting in oodles of honeyed, fruity notes.
  • Writers' Tears Double Oak: triple distilled, single malt and single pot still whiskey, aged in both American oak from Kentucky and French oak Cognac casks from the French Allary Cooperage. Juicy on the palate with a rich and aromatic spiced dark chocolate finish.

Writers' Tears Whiskey - 3x Miniatures

A lovely gift for both keen amateurs and experts in the world of Irish whiskey. 

Writers' Tears Whiskeys are available to purchase from

Cheese from Hampshire Cheese Company

Next on the guide is another appetizing gift. Why not indulge dad with some delicious cheese from Hampshire Cheese Company! Artisanal cheese brand, Hampshire Cheese Company, recently launched a brand new look for their Tunworth and Winslade cheeses. Their cheeses are favoured by chefs like Raymond Blanc, Nigel Slater, Jamie Oliver and James Martin and others - and having sampled these handcrafted cheeses, we can understand why.

Tunworth is a soft, white-rinded cheese that is made entirely by hand – right from the first ladle of pasteurised whole cow’s milk to the waxed paper wrap and the poplar box packaging. The cheese has a soft, thin and wrinkled rind, a rich and earthy mushroom fragrance, and a long-lasting sweet and nutty flavour.

Cheese from Hampshire Cheese Company

Winslade is milder than Tunworth but has its own distinct taste and a 'spoonable' texture. It comes encircled in a spruce collar which gives it a unique and distinctive pine note and earthiness. 

Both the cheeses are great choices for a cheeseboard.

For more information on the brand and to purchase the cheeses, visit

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka from The Oxford Artisan Distillery

Crafted in a distillery in the heart of Oxford, the Oxford Rye Organic Vodka is made from locally grown organic heritage grain, unfiltered and double distilled in The Oxford Artisan Distillery's bespoke still. 

It is an excellent sipping vodka that is smooth & clean and offers a gentle rye spice and delicate finish. It's perfect neat or can be enjoyed over ice.

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka from The Oxford Artisan Distillery

If your dad is a fan of craft distilleries and vodka, then this double award-winning Oxford Rye Organic Vodka would be an excellent gift. It is a perfectly balanced vodka full of complexity and flavour.

The 70cl bottle (ABV 40%) is priced at £34.95 and can be purchased from

Chocolate Coated Nibble Collection from Conscious Chocolate

Conscious Chocolate, the original "raw vegan" chocolate, was launched in 2004 and have an impressive range of chocolate bars. All their bars are vegan, organic, raw and free from soya, gluten, dairy and refined sugars. They also have a Chocolate Coated Nibbles range that features chocolate coated nuts and fruits and would make great gifts for any chocoholic.

The Nibbles collection includes: Chocolate Brazil Nuts, Salted Chocolate Dates and Chocolate Orange Figs and are all free from gluten, soya, dairy and refined sugars.

Chocolate Coated Nibble Collection from Conscious Chocolate

All the chocolates are handmade in a kitchen in Sussex and all of the packaging is plastic free, recyclable and home compostable.

The Nibble Collection is priced at £6.99 (3x50g bags) and is available to buy from

Selection of teas from Tropical Sun

Is your dad a tea-lover? Then why not gift him a bundle of unusual teas? With Tropical Sun's range of great tasting teas, you need look no further for that perfect tea gift.

Tropical Sun was founded in 1996 and is a fully independent, British family-run organisation. They stock hundreds of products from all over the World - but mainly from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and South America. If you head to their website, you will be amazed by the fantastic selection of teas. There are regulars like Green Tea and Lemon & Ginger Tea and more unusual flavours like Cerassie Tea, Neem Tea, Soursop Tea, Moringa Tea and more.

Selection of teas from Tropical Sun

Moringa has a subtle, earthy taste while Soursop has a unique taste that we hadn't tried earlier. It is flavoursome though and is said to offer health benefits as well. Another one that we tried and recommend is the Bissy Tea. Made from the fruit of the Kola tree, this drink is a powerful stimulant with natural caffeine. 

Sorrel (Hibiscus) & Ginger tea is also great. With a tart, cranberry-like flavour, the tea has a natural taste and is refreshing. 

Overall, Tropical Sun has been a great find. They stock unusual tea blends and a range of other products as well. You could surprise you dad with a bundle of unusual teas from Tropical Sun and set him off on a tea adventure.

Shop here:

Caleño Light & Zesty Tropical Non-alcoholic Spirit

For the teetotaller dad, Caleño non-alcoholic spirits are great gift choices. 

Founded by Ellie Webb, Caleño infuses the sun-drenched flavours of Colombia in non-alcoholic spirits.

Light & Zesty is a lively blend of Inca berry, pineapple, papaya, coriander, juniper berry, green cardamom & lemon peel. The tropical ingredients and spices are distilled and blended inside modern stainless-steel drums. The distillation runs for 48 hours to extract the zingy, zesty and spicy exotic flavours and then this distillation is left to mature for another two weeks before the drink is bottled.

Caleño Light & Zesty Tropical Non-alcoholic Spirit

Light & Zesty is alcohol-free, gluten-free, low calorie, zero sugar and vegan. And it can be enjoyed served with tonic over ice.

Priced at £18.00 (50cl), you can purchase Light & Zesty from

And while on the Caleño website, don't forget to check out the Dark & Spicy which is a rich blend of pineapple, coconut, ginger, black cardamom, vanilla, kola nut & lime.

Charbonnel et Walker Whisky Truffles

An irresistible and fun gift for the whisky loving dad would be the Whisky Truffles from Charbonnel et Walker.

A deliciously dark chocolate truffle with a rich, dark chocolate ganache, a Scotch whisky centre, and lightly dusted in cocoa powder, this delicious treat is perfect for the dad who appreciates fine chocolates and Scotch Whisky.

Charbonnel et Walker Whisky Truffles

It comes presented in a signature Charbonnel et Walker black and gold gift box and is priced at £15 (for 130g). Available to buy from Amazon.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

Buffalo Trace Bourbon is the flagship Bourbon from the world's most award-winning distillery. Made using the finest Kentucky and Indiana corn, rye and superior malted barley, the whisky is aged in oak barrels (in century old warehouses) to create a bourbon that has a rich and complex taste, with hints of vanilla, toffee, anise and candied fruit. The finish is long and smooth. 

The Buffalo Trace Bourbon has won several awards including the 2020 Gold Medal at World Whiskies Awards.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

Full of flavour and easy to drink, this one is a really good smooth bourbon. It is priced at £26.40 (70cl, 40%) and can be purchased online from 

A classic gift for the whisky loving dad!

Organic India Herbal Tulsi Tea

Organic India are known for their fantastic range of herbal teas all of them featuring Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum / Holy Basil).  The essence of their brand is "consciousness in action". All their products and practices are created by conscious decisions based on true wellness & oneness for the planet, their farmers, their employees and the consumers.

For the tea-loving dad, you could choose a selection of Tulsi teas from Organic India. 

Tulsi is known for its rich antioxidant properties and is also abundant in vitamins and minerals and Organic India's range of teas offers a tasty and refreshing beverage option that is calming and caffeine-free (except the Green Tea which contains caffeine). 

Organic India Herbal Tulsi Tea

Aside from the original Tulsi tea, they also have a vast range of herbal teas which are made by blending Tulsi with other beneficial herbs and roots. Some of the flavours available are Tulsi Pomegranate Green, Tulsi Turmeric Ginger, Tulsi Sweet Rose, Tulsi Licorice Spice and Tulsi Brahmi. 

Check out the entire range and order online at

What do you think of these foodie gifts? Let me know via the comments box below. And if you have any other suggestions, drop them below too! Thank you.

And don't forget to check out my second gift guide for Father's Day! It has loads of fantastic gift ideas!

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