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GoBo Natural AHA deodorant

Ad | Contains affiliate links Looking for a deodorant that is natural and doesn't contain aluminium or alcohol? There is a new product...

GoBo Natural AHA deodorant

Ad | Contains affiliate links

Looking for a deodorant that is natural and doesn't contain aluminium or alcohol? There is a new product in the market for you - GoBo Deodorant. Created by Laura Lamont, it is the UK's first AHA-formulated deodorant that not only helps eliminate body odours but also helps make the underarms soft and smooth. Read on to know more about this fantastic product.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a group of plant or animal-derived acids (glycolic acid from sugar cane, hydroxycaprylic acid from animals, citric acid from citrus fruits) used in a number of skincare products. You might have seen AHA listed as an ingredient in facial creams, serums, anti-ageing products or in chemical peels. While AHAs are mainly used for their exfoliation properties, they are also known to unblock & cleanse pores, improve appearance of wrinkles, help reduce skin discolouration and overall improve the condition of skin.

Glycolic acid is one of the AHAs frequently used in skincare products and GoBo have utilised the powerful properties of this acid to create a deodorant that allows you to sweat naturally without the inconvenience of embarrassing odour while also helping keep the underarms smooth and soft. 

Glycolic Acid naturally kills the bacteria found deep in the epidermis while also gently exfoliating the top layer of skin and removing dead skin cells. In addition, other ingredients like Arrowroot help to absorb excess moisture (sweat) and help to keep skin dry while Vegetable Glycerine (100% plant origin), works as a humectant and emollient keeping the skin optimally hydrated. Other ingredients in the deodorant are Guar Gum, Sodium Bicarbonate and Sorbic Acid.

GoBo Natural AHA deodorant

Glycolic Acid along with the other ingredients gives the underarm area a 'deep-clean' and helps eliminate stubborn sweat and grime build-up as well. Not just this, GoBo's unique formulation can also help prevent in-grown hairs & painful blocked sweat glands and can also fade dark pigmentation caused by shaving. What a multi-purpose product!

GoBo's deodorants are available in 4 fragrances (scented with 100% natural floral waters)

  • Original Unscented (No added floral water)
  • Jasmin
  • Orange Blossom and 
  • Rose

We have tried the Original version and the Rose fragrance and loved them both. Mr.H prefers the unfragranced version while I love the delicate rose fragrance.

GoBo Natural AHA deodorant

Application of the product is easy. It is not sticky nor does it leave a residue. It dries quickly and helps neutralise body odour. So, while I do still sweat, there is literally no body odour. Plus I like the fact that the product is an all-natural formulation that is free from Aluminium, Paraben, Alcohol and essential oils.

A fab little find. 

GoBo's natural Aluminium-free AHA deodorants are available to purchase from Amazon.

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GoBo Natural AHA deodorant

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  1. This sound perfect, no alcohol and no aluminum what I look for for in a deoderant

  2. Sounds intriguing using AHA in a deodorant!