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Vax ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner | Review

Ad | Gifted | Contains affiliate links When it comes to vacuums and other floor cleaning appliances, I prefer the convenience and agility o...

Vax ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner

Ad | Gifted | Contains affiliate links

When it comes to vacuums and other floor cleaning appliances, I prefer the convenience and agility of cordless models. Ours is a compact flat and cordless vacuums work perfectly well for us - they are easier to manoeuvre, are not restricted by cord length and the cleaning time (per charge) is about perfect for our flat. I had been using the Vax Blade 2 Max cordless vacuum in conjunction with a steam mop to keep the floors of our flat clean. Around a month back, I moved to the ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner, a new offering from VAX that vacuums, washes and dries hard floors, all at the same time! And I am loving it. Now, instead of vacuuming and then steam mopping, I am achieving similar results with just the ONEPWR Glide.


The Glide Hard Floor Cleaner is powered by VAX's revolutionary ONEPWR 4.0Ah battery. It makes cleaning hard floors easy because it vacuums, washes and dries at the same time. Also, according to VAX it kills 99.9% of bacteria when one uses the ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution.

What's in the box

  • The main VAX ONEPWR Glide unit
  • One 4.0Ah battery
  • ONEPWR charger
  • 250ml ONEPWR multi-floor solution
  • A rinse/storage tray

+ there was a free 1l solution and an additional brush roll worth over £30 included in the box.

Technical Specifications of the VAX ONEPWR Glide

  • Weight (without the battery pack) 4.9kg
  • Water/Solution Tank capacity 0.64L
  • Dirty Water Tank capacity 0.29L
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Battery Run Time: 30 minutes

Key features and functions of the VAX ONEPWR Glide

Lightweight and multi-tasking

One of the key features of the Vax Glide is its multi-tasking capability and its weight. At around 5kgs, it is easy to use and manoeuvre and because it vacuums, washes and dries at the same time, it saves a lot of time as well.

Multi-surface hard floor cleaning

The Vax Glide can be used for cleaning sealed wood floors, laminate, lino, vinyl, stone and tiles. There are two different modes of cleaning available - Eco and High. While the Eco mode works well for regular cleaning, the High mode is recommended when there are tough stains to clean or for deep-cleaning. 

Removable ONEPWR battery

The Vax Glide comes with a 4.0Ah battery and a ONEPWR charger. To charge the battery, you need to slide it down the charger until it clicks into place. Flashing lights on the charger indicate whether the battery is charging or fully charged. Once fully charged, the battery gives up to 30 minutes (in the ECO mode) of cleaning runtime which for a compact flat like ours is perfect. 

VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner - Removable Li-ion Battery

Two separate tanks

Another key feature of the ONEPWR Glide is that it has two separate water tanks - one for clean water and one for dirty water. What this ensures is that you only ever clean with fresh water. The clean water tank has a capacity of 0.64L while the dirty water tank has a capacity  of 0.29L.

VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner - Clean Tank

The cleaning solution that comes bundled with the vacuum is to be filled into the clean water tank. There are two markers on the tank - one for small areas and another for large areas. Depending on your requirement, you need to fill in clean water + the cleaning solution up to the specified levels. 

According to VAX, the cleaning solution kills 99.9% of bacteria which is great. And it has a lovely citrus fragrance which I quite liked.

VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner - Multi Floor Solution

LED headlights

The addition of 'DirtTracker' LEDs make the vacuum more functional. It is much easier with the headlights to see any debris or dirt that you might otherwise miss. This is a handy feature especially if you are vacuuming in a dark environment or are cleaning under furniture.

VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner - LED headlights

Auto clean system

The VAX ONEPWR Glide comes with a rinse/storage tray that you can use for quick cleaning of the vacuum. Once you’re done cleaning the floors, you need to fill the clean water tank with warm water and refit it into the machine. Now, place the machine in the rinse/storage tray and turn it on. Press the trigger to release some water onto the brush roll. Do this a few times to remove all dirt and debris. This is a quick way to clean the brush roll. 

VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner - Auto Clean System

There is an advanced cleaning of the brush roll as well, for which you have to remove it from the machine.

Emptying and rinsing out the dirty water tank is also very easy. The other two key parts of the unit are the separator and the filter, the cleaning instructions for which are provided in the manual and are again very easy.

VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner - Removing the Dirty Water Tank

Our experience with the VAX ONEPWR Glide

In addition to its cordless convenience, the ONEPWR Glide's main USP is that it vacuums, washes and dries at the same time. It is quick and easy to use and leaves hard floors clean and looking great. It can be used just as a vacuum (without the trigger function for washing) to pick up dirt or debris or even liquid spills. It is easy to manoeuvre around the house and has certainly reduced the amount of time I spend vacuuming and mopping. Plus, I don't have to use two different machines now. The ONEPWR Glides handles it all. 

Cleaning of the tanks and brush is also straightforward and easy. 

The only drawback that I see is that the dirty water tank needs to be emptied often. Since it has a capacity of only 0.29L, when doing a large clean you will need to empty the tank a couple of times during the clean. But other than that, it is a great appliance to have at home, especially if you have hard floors to clean.

VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner - Dirty Water Tank

The Vax ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner is available to purchase here


  1. Sounds great - would be good for me!

  2. I love the fact that this dries the floor as well. We have a steam mop & everyone has to avoid walking on the floor till it dries out which is quite a while at this time of year. Our cat does ignore the instructions though so we always have paw prints visible!

    1. Cats don't take instructions, they give instructions, lol!

  3. Looks fabulous, I loe that it dries the floor, so no waiting for the floor to dry but I also like the idea of cleaning the vacuum too (the auto clean system)

  4. We don't have any hard floors so it's hard to say .

  5. Being disabled, its the lightness that interests me the most, most hoovers are heavy to pull around

  6. Kathleen marsden1 November 2020 at 00:06

    I’ve always had a vax and really like the fact that this one does everything. No need to have a vacuum and cleaner separately.the auto clean is a big plus too

  7. My Daughter moved, just yesterday, into a house with hard floors throughout so this would be perfect for her.
    I can't quite believe it vacuums and cleans. The battery life is pretty good as well.

  8. Multi-surface hard floor cleaning as i have a lot of different flooring in each room

  9. Wow love that it vacs, washes and dries!!

  10. Reading these comments i must have a dud one ever since I've had it spits dirty water to the side end up having to mop floor. It dosnt pick much water up into the bottom container. The floor is very wet after have to wait for it to dry!!I rang customer help desk and the lad asked me to go and set it up when I came back he'd hung up not impressed at all. Couldn't get through again sent emails none answered so aftersales are rubbish they don't want to know . I'm reluctant to use it it's a lot of money for something that is obviously faulty from the start. So be warned if you get a bad one your stuck with it!!!

    1. Hi Brierkim, Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your VAX cleaner. I haven't had the issue of it spitting water, so cannot comment on that.
      One thing that I noticed was when the dirty water tank is full, it needs to be emptied immediately otherwise the machine doesn't work to its optimum. This is mentioned in the guide though.
      I hope the customer service team are able to sort this out for you. This link might help to find ways to contact them -

  11. Hi - thank you for the great review - I just want to know if I can use any other floor cleaning solution or does it have to be the Vax one? Thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment. Vax recommends that you use their cleaning detergents as these have been tested in the product. You could use normal floor cleaners (non-foaming) at your own discretion though.