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Did you know robots could do this?

Collaborative content Remember years ago when 2020 sounded so futuristic? I think many people thought we’d be flying around in hovercars and...

Did you know robots could do this

Collaborative content

Remember years ago when 2020 sounded so futuristic? I think many people thought we’d be flying around in hovercars and living with personal robot-maids. Unfortunately, we’re still very much driving on four wheels on the ground and cleaning our own loos, but there are actually some impressive and innovative applications for robots around the globe that make you realise just how far we’ve come

And when we talk about robots living alongside us in everyday life, what we’re often actually referring to are collaborative robots - otherwise known as ‘cobots’. Cobots are robots intended for direct human interaction within a shared space or intended for use in a space where humans and robots are in close proximity, as opposed to being isolated to carry out their work with no human intervention.

So, what are some of the weirdest and most wonderful cobots employed around the globe?

Cobots in hotels

Almost every industry is at least thinking and considering how cobots can come in handy. One industry already making strides is the hospitality industry and in particular, hotels. So much so, that there’s even a hotel in Japan that was designed to be wholly staffed by cobots. The aptly named ‘Weird Hotel’ was set to be fully autonomous, however, a few cobot staff members have since lost their jobs, as their technology became outdated and couldn’t quite meet all of the demands of the guests without the help of a human.

Hotel room

Hotel chain Hilton, however, have their very own cobot concierge ‘Connie’ to look after guests during their stay. Connie is on hand to answer questions about nearby restaurants, tourist attractions, and hotel information, and interact with guests, learning and adapting with each interaction and always improving her answers. With the help of her human colleagues to analyse her data and keep her in check, Connie is proving to be a successful Hilton employee so far.

Cobots in bars

Imagine a bar staffed by cocktail-making cobots. Royal Caribbean Cruises has already tapped into this, with cobot bartenders on several ships. But you needn’t hop aboard a cruise in order to experience this innovative level of service. 


At Makr Shakr bar in Milan, you choose your cocktail via an app and watch it created in front of you by robotic arms. That’s not to say that human bartenders have been rendered redundant - after all, bartending is a craft. Humans are still needed to supervise, and there are some things a robot just can’t do, such as garnishing your drink and making it look pretty.

Cobots on farms

Farming and robots… not two things you’d immediately link, right? Technology and cobots have actually found their place in the agriculture industry, however, helping farmers relieve manual labour. Perhaps one of the most interesting applications for cobots on farms is for herding cows and sheep.

Herd of cows

Traditionally carried out by sheepdogs, some farmers were finding that the older more ‘seasoned’ cows and sheep were unfazed by the dogs and simply ignored them. Instead, they employed the use of drones. Although sheepdogs are still commonly used, the drones have proven to get the job done faster, with less stress. Drones also allow farmers to monitor their land from afar, monitor water and feed levels and check on livestock health without disturbing the animals.

With countless more innovative applications for cobots, it’s fair to say that the robots have officially landed - but they can’t quite run the world without our help just yet. What cobot would you invent given the chance? I think a cobot to cook dinner every night and walk the dog would be pretty useful!

Find out more about cobots over on Mills CNC.

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