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The best Celadrin products for joint pain relief

Celadrin (cetylated fatty acids) is a proprietary blend of esterified fatty acids carbons and is used in topical creams and supplement...

The best Celadrin products for muscle and joint pain

Celadrin (cetylated fatty acids) is a proprietary blend of esterified fatty acids carbons and is used in topical creams and supplements to help relieve joint aches and stiffness.

Along with other active ingredients, Celadrin is formulated into creams, balms and capsules and is shown to help those with joint or mobility problems. It is also said to reduce the muscle stiffness which is caused by injury.

Listed below are some of the popular Celadrin creams and capsules currently available in the market.

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Actimas Celafen

Actimas Celafen is a natural product that works by lubricating the cell membranes and repelling inflammatory chemicals responsible for the pain, stiffness and reduced mobility associated with arthritis.

Published research has shown that this drug-free treatment for stiff joints delivers effective pain relief to stiff, painful or arthritic joints within just 30 minutes, making it 15% faster than conventional painkillers.

Actimas Celafen Cream

Actimas Celafen is a natural formulation and is free from parabens, SLS, MI and propylene glycol. It is available from

Celadrin Forte | Anti Inflammatory Muscle and Joint Balm

Celadrin Forte is a patented blend of special fatty acids that can assist with pain and inflammation without the side effects of traditional chemical pain relief. It comes in a balm format which means it is quick and easy to apply. Helps with joint pain which is caused due to arthritis.

Celadrin Accelerator Balm

Another natural, over-the-counter pain relief product that promotes flexibility and healthy joint function is the Celadrin Accelerator Balm. It has a non-great texture, has added Menthol and is easily absorbed leaving no residue behind.

You do not need to rub it in the skin, instead apply a think later gently and allow it to air dry. It offers soothing pain relief.

Celadrin Joint Cream

Hellenia are a family run health food manufacturer and supplier offering a number of products in the nutrition, health and fitness category. Their Celadrin Cream uses a patented combination of fatty acids which beneficially enhances the integrity of cell membranes in the body, helping reduce pain.

The cream can be rubbed into sore, aching joints and works great for the knee, elbow, wrist and hand joints in particular.

The Celadrin Joint Cream works great in conjunction with another product from Hellenia - the Celadrin 500mg Capsules. These are clinically shown to promote healthy or normal joint function and also relieves muscle stiffness caused by injury.

Natures Aid Vegan Celadrin Capsules

Set up in 1981, Natures Aid have been manufacturing high-quality nutritional supplements for decades now. They have a range of vitamins, supplements and other herbal products including a vegan range featuring Celadrin capsules.

With 100% natural ingredients and made in the UK, the vegan Celadrin capsules are produced using plant sourced oils including olive oil, nutmeg and coconut oil making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

NOW Foods Celadrin Liposome Lotion

Made with clinically tested Celadrin, NOW Solutions' Celadrin Liposome Lotion also contains natural menthol, MSM and Arnica and helps to keep joints in best health. The lotion is paraben free and can be applied to and massaged into the joint areas and helps relieve joint discomfort.

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  1. The Celadrin Joint Cream sounds like something I could use!

  2. Not a product that I have tried. Though we tend to be advised to take medicines as prescribed by our doctor. Therefore we do tend to go along with what our doctor prescribes unless it is ineffective. Any ease of pain can be considered a benefit by some people. Pain clinics can be of assistance, though unfortunately media has reported on the unavailability of access since Coronavirus (covid 19 ) Pandemic. Hopefully they will become accessible again, soon, and the Public informed.

    Rachel Craig

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