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Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed | Review

 Ad | Contains affiliate links Back in 2016, we were first introduced to Gtech . Started by Nick Grey, the brand was the first to dev...

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed
 Ad | Contains affiliate links

Back in 2016, we were first introduced to Gtech. Started by Nick Grey, the brand was the first to develop a cordless power sweeper. Since then they have made numerous additions to their product range with the latest being the MYO Touch Massaging Bed.

MYO Touch is an adjustable automated massaging bed that allows you to very easily personalise your massage experience, right from the comfort of your own home. We have been putting it to the test for the last four weeks and thought I would now share my thoughts with you.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed

Back pain is a very common condition and most of us would have experienced it at some point or the other. While in most cases, the pain is not the result of anything serious, it can still be a major discomfort especially if it keeps coming back or lasts a long time. Aside from taking anti-inflammatory painkillers, other things you can do to manage back pain is staying active (by walking, swimming, doing yoga etc.), use hot or cold compression and try stretches and massages for the back. Studies have shown that regular massages may ease back pain considerably. With this in mind and after years of struggling with back pain himself, Nick came up with the idea for the MYO Touch - an automated massaging bed.

The MYO Touch has a powered robotic massage roller that glides smoothly along a track placed underneath a contoured bed. You simply need to lie back and enjoy a full-length massage. You can also personalise the intensity of the massage ranging from light to deeply invigorating based on your needs.

Let's take a look in detail at the massaging bed.

MYO Touch comes securely packed in a cardboard box and the box includes:
  • The massaging bed
  • 3 track sections
  • 2 track pegs
  • A roller
  • The main massage unit
  • Power cable and switch
  • User manual

MYO Touch is simple and quick to assemble. Clear instructions are provided in the user manual with diagrams illustrating the set up. First, you line up and slot the three track sections into place. Once the track is ready, place the track pegs onto the track. These are like delimiters, the massage unit will only move between the two track pegs allowing you to target the required area.

Next, place the roller onto the main massage unit and place the massage unit on the track (on the foot end section). When properly place, all four wheels of the massage unit will touch the floor.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed - The Roller

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed - The Massage Unit

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed - The Massage Unit with the roller

Then, open the bed fully, unfold each leg and position the bed over the massage unit on to the track. You will hear a small click as the bed frame clips into place on the track.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed

One of the bed's middle legs has a small hole in it which is where the power unit needs to be fitted. Insert the plug in to the power socket and you are good to go.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed - The power unit

Now all you need to do is lie on your back and turn on the massage unit using the switch at the side of the bed.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed

And it's a fab massager! 10-15 minutes a day and it is very effective in relieving sore muscles. Mr.H uses it post his exercise sessions and it is great for his calves. I like to target my mid and lower back and use the track pegs accordingly. And it works wonders. All the tension in the back dissipates. On some days, I opt for a full massage and enjoy it equally. What we both liked apart from the ease of use was the fact that we can adjust both the roller and the canvas to increase/decrease the tension. This gives flexibility in relation to the intensity of the massage and depending on whether you want a deeply invigorating massage or a gentle soothing massage; you can adjust the tension accordingly.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed

In addition to the user manual, the box also included another booklet which has information and tips
on topics like mindfulness, trigger points, breathing techniques and visualisation which you can use in conjunction with the MYO Touch.

Overall, the MYO Touch is a well-designed product that is easy to use and does the job it has been designed for quite effectively. You can use it to target problem areas, soothe sore muscles after exercise or any other physical activity or simply use it as a part of your general wellbeing. The flexibility in terms of managing the intensity of the massage ensures that you are in complete control of how you want to unwind.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed - The roller in action

The MYO Touch is priced at £299.99 and this may seem like a big investment for a massager. But the build quality is great and the product looks like it will last a long time and so the initial high price investment is negated in the long-term.


You can order the MYO Touch from

Update | Did you know that Gtech now have a Power Tools range as well? You can check out our post on the Gtech Combi Drill here.


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