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NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare Review Giveaway

Gifted items | Affiliate links We have been trying out some fab products from NEUÚ , an Irish skincare brand whose product range com...

NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare
Gifted items | Affiliate links

We have been trying out some fab products from NEUÚ, an Irish skincare brand whose product range comprises of natural, chemical-free products that feature the Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed as a key ingredient. The Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lipids and its extract is recombined in a new form together with other terrestrial plant extract and used in the NEUÚ product range.

At present the NEUÚ range is targeted towards men and includes:

- Hydrate: Moisturiser
- Energise: Face Wash
- Renew: Face Scrub
- Invigorate: Hair & Body Wash
- Smooth: Shave Gel
- Protect: Post Shave Balm

NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare

NEUÚ are currently working on a female range which is due for a Spring 2020 launch.

Coming back to the men's range, we tried out the first four products and loved them. All of NEUÚ's products are free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones.

NEUÚ uses the power of biotechnology to extract bioactive compounds from seaweed that help to soothe and hydrate skin while also being sustainable for the planet. The seaweed is sustainably hand-harvested and is food-grade material. The brand has a proprietary 'Lipid Lock' process that encapsulates this potent, bio-active seaweed ingredient in to their skincare formulations to soothe and hydrate dry sensitive skin.

All the four products we tried were excellent.

NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare

The Face Scrub has protein-rich seaweed particles suspended in a natural cleansing gel packed with antioxidants and marine minerals and works great. It is non-abrasive, has a natural feel and leaves the skin fresh and smooth. The NEUÚ Face Wash combines the purifying and calming properties of seaweed oil extract with the fresh scent and antiseptic powers of grapefruit oil to gently and naturally cleanse the face, restoring its natural balance. It is very fresh and smells lovely.

The Hair and Body Wash has seaweed oil extract along with orange peel oil (natural antiseptic), vitamin C to keep hair and body refreshed and hydrated.

NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare

NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare

Our favourite was the Hydrate Moisturiser. It is natural, gentle on the skin, has a subtle natural scent and offers powerful hydration. According to NEUÚ

The Moisturiser is a blend of essential marine fatty acids specially formulated to repair dry and damaged skin, restore elasticity and prevent premature ageing. NEUÚ's proprietary macro-algae oil extract is a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to soothe dry and irritated skin and prevent moisture loss.

Some of the key ingredients in the moisturiser include Sunflower Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Oat Kernel Extract and Aloe Leaf Juice Powder.

The moisturiser has a lovely texture, is gentle on the skin and gets easily absorbed leaving the skin soft and hydrated. I also noticed that it helps to soothe any skin irritations or redness. A fab product which both myself and Mr.H loved the most of the four we tried.

You can read more about NEUÚ and order their products online at

NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare

NEUÚ Seaweed Skincare Giveaway

Want to try out a couple of products from NEUÚ? Here is your chance to win both the Luxury Face Wash and Moisturiser from the NEUÚ Skincare range of seaweed skincare. The giveaway will run from the 24th of September to the 17th of October. All the best!

NEUÙ Giveaway #2

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