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Top 5 modern interior design themes which are perfect for your home

When it comes to decorating, designing and furnishing your home it isn’t always easy to think of exactly what you are looking for. That...

Modern interior design themes

When it comes to decorating, designing and furnishing your home it isn’t always easy to think of exactly what you are looking for. That is why many people turn to interior design experts, blogs and magazines for inspiration. With this in mind, and to help you to create a home that you are truly proud of, we have put together the top 6 modern interior design themes which are perfect for your home.

Lots of glass

If there is one common theme that we see in modern home stylings of late, it has to be glass. Glass is popping up everywhere, from the tables to the units and even in the house itself. Many people are concerned that glass isn’t suited to family life, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you buy quality furniture and make sure that it is made well, then you will find that it not only looks great but also can stand the test of time too.

One popular way that we have seen glass worked into a home is with a frameless glass balustrade. This particular addition not only looks gorgeous, but it can truly transform and open up the space that it is installed in.

Modern interior design themes

Multi-functional furniture

Another key feature of modern interiors is innovative design. Particularly in furniture. Gone are the days when a piece of furniture had a simple (and single) purpose. Now furniture has a whole variety of uses and often in one single piece. You will often see a seat that doubles up as storage or perhaps a sofa that turns into a bed.

Whilst this may not be the newest of design features, the way that it is so easily blended with style is what makes it truly new and exciting.

Storage in the strangest of places

Many modern homes have a truly clean and organised feel to them. However, that doesn’t mean that the person living there doesn’t have any belongings. They just know where to store them. Storage is key in any home, however in modern homes it is where you will find storage that is the interesting part. Storage will often be hidden away in corners where you least expect it. Not only this but storage will also be found on walls and even ceilings.

The thing to remember with storage is that there is always space to store things, sometimes you just need to be clever about where you put it and how you use it.

Monochrome with a twist

Neutral and monochrome colour schemes seem to be the most popular in modern homes. Not only does it give a crisp feel to the room, but it also makes it easy to accessorise and furnish the space too.
Whilst some people love a neutral look on its own, others may want to bring something extra to the room. This is where you can go for monochrome with a twist. Monochrome rooms look brilliant with a feature point of colour. This could be a bold and bright or perhaps a spot of sunshine yellow. The key is to have a few touches in the room to bring it to life.

Stylish comfort

It seems that there are plenty of people out there that think that just because a house is modern, that means that it cannot be inviting and warm. However, this really isn’t the case. With the right amount of style, a home can be both stylish and comfortable. It just depends how you approach it.

Stylish comfort isn’t necessarily the easiest of things to achieve, but you can. The trick is to pick things that give off the air of comfort, without overloading the space you have, after all, a modern look is one that is clean and organised. We are thinking neutral toned throws, geometric printed cushions and of course, deep and fluffy rugs too. All things that don’t just add in style, they add in comfort too.

Modern interior design themes

We hope that you have found these ideas inspiring, if you have, then why not plan in some time to transform your property from a house, where you live, to a home that you can proudly call your own.

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