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Degustabox Review

Gifted | Affiliate links Towards the end of last month, the November Degustabox arrived and it was a Christmas style box with 12 interest...

Degustabox November 2017 ReviewGifted | Affiliate links

Towards the end of last month, the November Degustabox arrived and it was a Christmas style box with 12 interesting products inside. We have worked through most of the products, my favourites being the drinks - ALO Aloe Vera Drink and Dalston’s Fizzy Apple. A big shout out to the Jelly Bean Factory Super Sours for being gelatine-free. Let me show you what was included in the November box.

ALO Aloe Vera Drink

Made from the Aloe vera straight from the leaf and with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, Alō juice (which also contained Fuji apple and Pear juice) is a tasty drink. Loved the pulpy pieces of Aloe in the drink.

Dalston’s Fizzy Apple

Packed with Jonagold, Idared and Bramley apples from farms in Kent, this fizzy apple soda was superb. I loved it.

Degustabox November 2017 Review

PROPERCORN Perfectly Sweet Popcorn

Who doesn't love popcorn? And this hand-popped, sprinkled with unrefined, Fairtrade sugar and guilt-free popcorn with a sweet, caramelized flavour is sure to be a favourite among most popcorn lovers.

Taylors of Harrogate Ground Coffees

Carefully roasted, single origin coffee that is available in two flavours - Rare Blossom Ethiopia or Cacao Superior Colombia. Coffee lovers will appreciate this new offering from Taylors of Harrogate. 1 variant is included in each Degustabox.

Degustabox November 2017 Review

Kallo Organic Stock Pots

A very handy product to have in the kitchen, these flavoursome stock pots enhance the taste of many recipes like soups, stews and pasta dishes. It is available in three flavours – chicken, beef and vegetable. 1 variant is included in each Degustabox.

The English Provender Co.'s Caramelised Red Onion Chutney

Worked nicely with sandwiches and will go well with a cheese board too.

Degustabox November 2017 Review

Planters Fruity Chocolate Crunch

An indulgent nut mix made with crunchy peanuts, juicy cranberries and creamy milk chocolate buttons.

The Jelly Bean Factory Super Sours

Big bonus points for being gelatine free. Also gluten free and nut free making it suitable for Coeliacs and Vegetarians. 9 lovely flavours in the pack.

Degustabox November 2017 Review

CADBURY Picnic Bites

Yummy Cadbury milk chocolate enclosing crispy wafer, chewy caramel, crunchy peanut and juicy raisins.

Degustabox November 2017 Review

Filippo Berio Crostini

Loved this. Crunchy snacks baked using the finest extra virgin olive oil from Filippo Berio and with 30% less fat than fried crisps. So you can enjoy them guilt-free. It is available in 5 flavours.

Note: Either this product OR the Filippo Berio pesto OR the Rio Mare Tuna will be included in your Degustabox. As a reviewer, I received all the three products in my box.

Filippo Berio Classic Pesto

Made from the finest ingredients using traditional techniques, this is a Classic Italian pesto. Definitely a repurchase.

Rio Mare Tuna in Olive Oil

This one is made with the best tuna and selected olive oil from Filippo Berio.

Degustabox November 2017 Review

Ryvita Multigrain Rye Cakes

Being naturally high in fibre and low in fat makes these rye cakes a wholesome and guilt-free snack.

Weetabix Additions Apple & Raisin

Made with 100% whole grain and packed full of flavour with delicious apple, juicy raisins and warming cinnamon, this Weetabix offering works well as a nutritious breakfast.

Degustabox November 2017 Review

The price of each Degustabox is £12.99 (including delivery). To order your box, visit

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