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Creating a new logo for DB Reviews with Logojoy

Yesterday a few of you noticed the new logo on my blog and asked me about it. Like I mentioned in my reply, the brand new logo is courtesy ...

Yesterday a few of you noticed the new logo on my blog and asked me about it. Like I mentioned in my reply, the brand new logo is courtesy of Logojoy - an AI logo creator that I tried out over the weekend. My old logo was a simple one that I had created myself and while I loved it, I was looking to introduce a new look on the blog gradually. I think of DB Reviews as a continuous project where I keep making small changes now and then thus evolving my brand. Over the last few years, I have expanded the blog and worked with many wonderful companies and PRs. Last week as I was looking at my blog's to-do list, I decided to take a bold step and come up with a new logo. And then a lucky coincidence - I had the opportunity to try out Logojoy.

Creating a new logo with Logojoy

I wanted something similar to my existing logo - simple and stylish. No fancy designs or colours and nothing too complicated. I visited the Logojoy website and had a quick read through the 'How it works' section and it looked like a simple process. And it actually turned out to be just that. In fact, much simpler than I had expected.

Here is how you create a logo with Logojoy.

1. The first step is to enter your company/blog name.
2. Then you choose 5 or more logos from a selection of logos shown to you on the screen. All the logos shown are made with Logojoy. I picked five that had a simple yet eye-catching design.
3. The third step is to pick a colour scheme. I went for the monochrome style as that was the one which best matched my blog. The Logojoy website also tells you some key features of each colour set. For e.g. the monochrome one that I selected represents reliability, functionality and elegance.

Creating a new logo with Logojoy

Creating a new logo with Logojoy

4. The next step allows you to add more information about your company/blog. Since my blog doesn't have a slogan, I skipped this step.
5. The fifth step was interesting. You can search and pick up to 5 symbols that relate to your brand. I found some really nice icons here and picked five of them.

Creating a new logo with Logojoy

6. The next screen displays a selection of logos generated based on your choices in the earlier steps. From Step 1 to this stage, it took me less than 10 minutes and I had a selection of logos to choose from.
7. Once you have selected a logo design, you proceed to the customisation area where you can change fonts, colours, symbols or layout if required. Since I very much liked what had been generated based on my choice, I did not make any major changes.

At this stage, you can also see how your logo would look on different products which was quite nice.

Creating a new logo with Logojoy

If you are happy with what has been generated, you can proceed to the final step - the purchase. At this stage, you can add a $9 priced Social Media add-on. This will give you logos readymade for all popular social channels.

Ok, back to the purchase. The basic package is priced at $20 wherein you able to download the logo just created. The 'Premium' package (priced at $65) allows you to download the logo in high resolution, black / white versions, one with a transparent background and also the Vector EPS and SVG files. All these are very handy if you want to make use of the logo in other sizes on your blog or for print media.

The Premium package also offers brand guidelines, full copyright ownership and lifetime phone support. This was the package I trialled and I was quite happy with the results.

Liked I mentioned at the very beginning, I also got positive feedback from some of my regular readers on the new logo. So, I am very pleased.

Creating a new logo with Logojoy

To sum it up, I am impressed with Logojoy. It is very easy to use and you can generate a new logo in less than 15 minutes. Although it is generated by AI, it looks friendly, has a human touch and reflects my blog's personality. If you are starting out a new blog or company and need the logo designed (with quick turnaround) then do check out Logojoy.

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