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When I win the lottery...

One common interest that both I and Mr.H have is our love for travel. We LOVE travelling to new places, learning about new cultures, enjoyi...

One common interest that both I and Mr.H have is our love for travel. We LOVE travelling to new places, learning about new cultures, enjoying cuisine from different parts of the world and exploring beautiful natural landscapes - in short having an amazing time travelling. Our travels this year have so far been confined to places within the UK but there are so many beautiful places outside the UK that we want to visit. It is a long list - Finland, Maldives, Mongolia, Cuba, Ecuador and Antarctica to name a few. Antarctica is on the top of our list for a number of reasons. It is 100% natural beauty, is home to colonies of awesome Penguins, has really huge ice formations and is the best place to watch whales - in short, you can experience ultimate serenity amidst stunning natural landscapes.

We are saving up and hopefully, over the years we will tick off all the places one by one from the list.

Sometimes I imagine, what if I won the lottery! What if money was no object and I could visit all the places on my list without having to worry about finances. That would be so much fun! I have played the lottery a few times and I was never lucky. I do not buy lottery tickets religiously but do pick up tickets at times hoping someday day I will strike it big.

Recently I was introduced to Lottoland. Lottoland is not an official lottery operator, that is they do not buy/sell lottery tickets. Rather they allow you to make bets on different lotteries. The concept of Lotto betting is simple. You don't purchase a lottery ticket, instead, you bet on the outcome of the lottery. If you win any bets that you have placed, then Lottoland pays you directly. They pay you the same prize money (including the Jackpot amount) that the lottery operator pays for their lottery draws.

Let me explain in a little more detail. Say, you decide to bet on America’s PowerBall via Lottoland. You do not buy a ticket, you bet on the outcome of the lottery. So, you pick numbers as if you have entered the lottery (money is deducted from your Lottoland account) and then you wait for the lottery outcome. If you win, Lottoland pays you the win money directly.

When I win the lottery

This was the first time I was trying out Lottoland and I found their site easy to navigate. Emails are sent out every time you make a transaction and when lottery draw results are announced. Everything is online and there is no need to buy physical tickets as is the case with a traditional lottery. Lottoland also gives its members free bets and special offers every now and then. If you are looking for a new way to play the lottery in every country (Irish Lotto, Swedish Lotto, OZ Lotto or the very popular American Powerball) then you can give lotto betting (at Lottoland) a try.

I have placed my bets on some lotteries on Lottoland and am now waiting for the results (fingers crossed). Who knows I could get really lucky!

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