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Lava BedSide CD | All-in-one bedside music system

Gifted item | Contains affiliate links Both myself and Mr.H love music, albeit of different genres. Over the last decade or so we have...

Lava BedSide CD Review
Gifted item | Contains affiliate links

Both myself and Mr.H love music, albeit of different genres. Over the last decade or so we have amassed a collection of CDs with all our favourite music. And if like both of us, you are also someone who has held on to their CD collection and at the same time loves to listen to digital radio, then today's post is for you.

The Lava BedSide CD is a multi-functional radio with a CD player that has a sleek minimalist design and comes with an impressive list of features combining the old with the new. The  BedSide CD features digital DAB/DAB+ Radio and FM with complete reception to all national or local stations. It comes with a convenient 20 presets, making it very easy to access your favourite music at the touch of a button. And if it is your CD collection that you want to listen to, then simply use the convenient top-loading CD player to listen to your favourite album. Also included is a 3.5mm aux-in connection with which you can connect to media players (your tablet, phone or MP3 players etc.).

Easy setup

Weighing less than 900gms, the BedSide CD (226x158x76mm) comes with a small instruction pamphlet and was very easy to setup. It is all very intuitive and straightforward. We had it setup in around 10 minutes after unboxing.

Quick look at the key features/functions

Functions available: DAB Radio, FM Radio, CD Player, MP3 and Alarm Clock
Radio Frequencies: 87.5 – 108 MHz (FM) & 174.928 – 239.200 MHz (DAB)
Speakers: Dual Full Range 1.5W
Wire antenna
USB Charging and USB Playback
3.5mm Aux-in provided


In addition to the DAB/ DAB+/ FM  and top loading CD player, the BedSide CD comes with a dual alarm clock. You can set your alarm to different times for weekend & weekdays. And the nice part is you can wake with the radio or CD instead of the traditional buzzer. I liked this feature. Waking up in the morning can be tough on some days but with the right song, it is easier to start your day on a happy 'note'. Also, worth mention is that the alarm clock has a gradually increasing alarm volume, the idea being it will gradually wake you up rather than shocking you out of sleep.

The digital display brightness can be adjusted to your preference. There is a button (Snooze) near the CD lip that dims the display brightness. You can also turn it off. Turning off the display brightness does not affect the alarm and it will still work. This feature is useful if you do not like the bright display when you are trying to fall asleep.

Another well-thought of feature is the presence of a USB charging point. It allows you to charge your smartphone or any other device - especially useful when the number of bedside sockets is less. And also reduces cable clutter!

Lava BedSide CD Review

Lava BedSide CD Review

Lava BedSide CD Review

Lava BedSide CD Review

Our verdict

The Lava BedSide CD offers excellent sound quality for the price and is ideal for the bedroom or even the kitchen (if you enjoy listening to music while cooking). The radio reception is good, the CD player works nicely and the alarm clock and USB features are nice to have. Overall, it looks well made and I think will last long. If you are looking for a good all round DAB/FM CD player that also has an alarm clock, the Lava BedSide CD is a good choice.

Two features that I would have liked to see in the model are - the inclusion of a remote control and a headphone socket. Sometimes Mr.H stays up longer than me and being the nice guy that he is, he doesn't want to disturb my sleep if/when he wants to listen to music late at night. A headphone socket would have been useful in such scenarios.

Overall, we love the Lava BedSide CD. It is easy to program and use and has wonderful sound quality. What that means is I am now listening to the radio every day!

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