Pretty Clever Pants

Pretty Clever Pants are a range of pants developed by TV presenter Carol Smillie. She originally developed the range for young girls who might be worried about heavy periods and leakages. Today the range is also targeted at those who suffer from sensitive bladder or pelvic floor weakness.

Pretty Clever Pants by Diary Dolls

Pretty Clever Pants by Diary Dolls

Pretty Clever Pants by Diary Dolls

The pants are made from super soft, cotton and have a 'secret' waterproof panel to protect against embarrassing bladder, period or post maternity leaks. Before I tried them on, I felt these pants might be uncomfortable and might make a crackling sound due to the waterproof panel. But when you look at the pants, they look and feel just like your usual underwear. The waterproof panel is indeed very discreet. There is no bulky feeling or crinkling. The fabric is super soft and the waterproof panel which extends from elastic to elastic is flexible and doesn't cause any discomfort. Overall, it is good idea as the protective layer gives you an added confidence.

The pants are available in UK sizes 6-20 and come in 4 different colours. Priced at £9.95 each.

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