Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

For those of you who are new to Degustabox, it is a surprise food box. You are sent a box each month with lots of new brands and treats to try out. I have always loved the wonderful selection of products that are included in the box and the May box called as the 'Picnic Box' was no exception. Here's what was included in the May box. Please note that I got all the items (from both the non-alcohol and alcohol box for this review).

Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

Zeo Soft Drinks, £1.19

I love Zeo. They are a regular at our home and I was pleased to see the Zeo can in this month's box. Delicious, low calorie, and big on flavour - that's what Zeo drinks are and this was one was also like that. We received the Peach and Grapefruit blend and it was lovely - the sweetness of peach juice was balanced by the subtle bitterness of grapefruit. Lovely!

Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, £1.89

Free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, this ginger beer tasted lovely served over ice. Perfect for a warm summer evening.
This product is from the alcohol version of the box.

Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Big Taste Peanut Caramel Crisp, £3.49

A massive bar of Dairy Milk from their Big Taste range. The combines delicious Dairy Milk with a peanut filling, containing generous peanut pieces and crunchy crispies, all topped off with goo-ey caramel and peanut halves. Yummy!

Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

Millions Chocolate Covered Strawberry (2 x £0.50) and Millions Sour Strawberry (£0.60)

These are two of the latest additions to the tasty sweets range from Millions -  an amazing milk chocolate covered Strawberry Millions and Sour Strawberry Millions.

Candy Kittens Sweets (£3.00)

When I saw this beautifully packaged sour candy packet, I was excited as I like sour candies and treats. But couldn't try these as they are not suitable for vegetarians. I wish they come up with a vegetarian-friendly version as well. Have passed this onto a friend who liked it.

Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

Cereal Lovers CrunchTime Nuggets (£1.59)

Made with all natural ingredients, this snacking granola is a new concept in healthy snacking. There are 3 variants in the CrunchTime range; Forest, Sunshine and Chocolate. We received the Forest variant which was quite nice.

Hippeas - In Herbs We Trust (£1.50)

Organic chickpea puffs that are light, crunchy and airy and packed with flavour. I loved these. It comes in 4 other flavours, I think. Will be picking up these on my next shopping trip.

Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

Portlebay Popcorn - Sweet Thai Sriracha Kracklecorn (£0.79)

Loved this! Made using 100% natural ingredients, the flavours were nicely balanced.

Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

Homepride Strong White Bread Flour (£1.50)

Haven't used this yet but it will be very handy and used up soon.

Raw Bean - Bean Bags Striking El Salvador

The first pyramid coffee bag on the market! A very nice idea.
This product was a part of the non-alcohol version of this month's Degustabox.

Deli Kitchen Skinni Wrap (£1.25)

Low in calorie content, this wrap comes in an unique and easy to fold shape. This was the fresh product of the month.

MOMA Foods - Gluten Free Raspberry & Coconut Bircher Muesli (£3.20)

Add yoghurt or a splash of fruit juice and you have overnight oats ready in 5 mins.

Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

Picnic Inspired Degustabox | Degustabox May 2017

So that was the May Degustabox. I liked the selection of products included in the box - some yummy treats, some known brands and some totally new products. If you liked the contents of the box and want to place the order for next month's Degustabox, visit www.degustabox.com.

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