1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzles - Review and Giveaway

Jigsaw puzzles are so much fun and also addictive. When a new box of puzzle arrives and I sit down to open it, I can feel the excitement knowing that there are about to be several days of entertainment and fun (and a little frustration when I don't find pieces I need). I can work away on jigsaw puzzles for hours without getting bored. But jigsaw puzzles are not just fun. According to studies jigsaw puzzle help keep the mind active in turn leading to a better quality of life and reducing chances of developing certain types of illness including memory loss, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies also show that completing a puzzle, or even just the successful placement of one piece, encourages the production of dopamine, a brain chemical that increases learning and memory. So you see, in addition to the fun and entertainment, there are many other benefits of doing a jigsaw.

A few weeks back I received some awesome jigsaws from Schmidt Puzzles.

1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzles

These 1000 piece premium quality Schmidt jigsaws are manufactured to Schmidt's 6 Star-Quality. Each jigsaw comes with 6 unique advantages:
  • Great variety of forms thanks to individually shaped pieces
  • Perfect cohesion thanks to specially-developed cardboard which is 2.25 mm thick
  • Perfect accuracy of fit thinks to an especially fine punching knife
  • Special matt varnish for jigsaw puzzles without reflections
  • Linen structure
  • Exclusive design

Sunset on Santorini

This beautiful jigsaw from Schmidt's Panorama range recreates the beauty of the stunning Greek Island, Santorini. This one is a highly detailed jigsaw and I am sure all jigsaw enthusiasts will find it an enjoyable challenge.

Sunset on Santorini 1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle

Sunset on Santorini 1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle

Sunset on Santorini 1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle


A lovely jigsaw with a beautiful message - Smile and let your heart be filled with happiness. Gail Marie's artwork is designed to inspire the spirit - to see with the heart. This fresh and colourful designs brings into focus the rich details and beauty that surround us all reminding us to celebrate the special moments of life that bring true happiness.

Smile 1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle

Noah's Ark

My favourite of the three was this beautiful illustration by Colin Thompson. Featuring animals and birds of all kinds on Noah's Ark, this illustration is sure to keep everyone interested. This was a fun jigsaw to put together - as you start assembling it together you notice the intricate details and the thought that has gone into creating this piece. Very beautiful. I look forward to trying other jigsaws featuring Colin's amazing art.

Noah's Ark 1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle

Noah's Ark 1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle

Noah's Ark 1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle

Noah's Ark 1000 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle

Overall, we enjoyed all the three jigsaws. Schmidt jigsaws are really good - the pieces are easy to handle, good quality and lock together nicely. The attention to detail, the vivid colours and the beautiful art; all make these jigsaws an enjoyable challenge. Whether you buy these jigsaws for yourself or as a present, these will be very much liked.

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Thanks to the lovely team at Schmidt, I have all these three jigsaws to give away to one lucky reader of this blog. Entry is via the Gleam widget below. All the best!

Win 3 Schmidt 1000 Piece jigsaw Puzzles

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