Zippo launches limited editon lighter with Fire Artist, Steven Spazuk

Everyone knows about the dangers of playing with fire. As a child, my parents discussed the dangers of fire and fire safety with us kids and we learnt to be safe around it - used it with respect but never played with it. So, when I first heard about Fire Artist, Steven Spazuk, my curiosity was piqued.

Steven uses the soot left behind by the flame to create unique paintings. He uses fire, in an unimaginable way, to create absolutely stunning art. Check this video for a brief introduction on Steven and his work.

One of the most important tools in Steven's tool kit is his Zippo lighter. Steven 'attacks the paper' with the flame of a Zippo windproof lighter and other fire tools and then retouches his designs by etching patterns with natural bird feathers and blades.

Zippo recently collaborated with Steven to launch a new limited edition lighter featuring one of the artworks of the fire artist. Speaking of the campaign, Steven said
The flame is something that truly inspires my art; once I found my way of working with fire I knew it would become my voice and I should be committed to that craft. A Zippo lighter has always been a part of my toolbox, and I also love how it can be a piece of art in itself. To me, it’s both a muse and a tool so Zippo is a stimulating brand to work alongside.

I was lucky to be sent one of these limited edition lighters and it is piece of beauty. Drawing with fire is such a mesmerising process and to come up with such beautiful art is a reflection of Steven's passion and love for this art form.

Zippo launches limited editon lighter with Fire Artist

Zippo launches limited editon lighter with Fire Artist

This limited edition lighter is priced at £40.00 and can be pre-ordered from

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