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Degustabox Review

Gifted | Affiliate The November Degustabox arrived a while back. It was branded as the 'Christmas Box' and contained an intere...

November 2016 Degustabox
Gifted | Affiliate

The November Degustabox arrived a while back. It was branded as the 'Christmas Box' and contained an interesting selection of products. There was something to suit everyone's taste, including some items perfect for Christmas. Without much ado, let's take a look at the contents of the box. And there is a discount for you at the end of the post.

The November box contained:

Ryvita Thins Caramelised Onion, £1.89 and Ryvita Cracked Black Pepper Crackers, £1.29

Enjoyed both these packs - lovely on their own and nicer when paired with cheese. My favourite was the caramelised onion thins. Loved the flavour.

November 2016 Degustabox

Hartley's Glitter Jelly x 2, £0.75

Perfect for making some sparkly jelly for Christmas. Mr.H doesn't like jelly very much but I do. It brings back lovely memories of childhood.

November 2016 Degustabox

Butterkist Choc Mallow Popcorn, £1.49 and Butterkist Sweet Cinema Style Popcorn, £0.28

2 packs of popcorn in the box - a single portion bag of Butterkist sweet cinema style popcorn (disappeared as soon as I finished photographing) and a larger sharing bag of new Butterkist choc mallow popcorn. Yum!

November 2016 Degustabox

Michel et Augustin Dark Chocolate Cookie Squares, £0.89

A new find and another product that disappeared immediately after being photographed. Four small pieces of moreish cookies in a combination that I enjoy - dark chocolate and sea salt. Even Mr.H liked these and he is not a big fan of dark chocolate.

Broderick's Crunchy Slam Dunk Peanut Chunk, £1.20

Roasted peanuts, yummy chocolate and peanut butter. Need I say more?

November 2016 Degustabox

Pipers Crisps - Wild Thyme & Rosemary, £2.00

Lovely new flavour from Pipers. It was lovely.

Christian Potier Hollaindaise Sauce - £2.50

Haven't used this yet but will be handy. You just need to pop them in the microwave and they are ready to be used.

Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps, £1.19

Crunchy, buttery and exceedingly delicious. Loved it.

November 2016 Degustabox

J20 Glitterberry, £2.49

A glittery soft drink! This is a combination of red grape, cherry and a hint of spice with edible gold glitter that sparkles once the bottle is shaken. Could add glamour to festive entertaining.

The Good Cider x 2, £1.50 each

We received two variants - Strawberry and Wild Berry. I love fruity ciders and enjoyed both the flavours.

Appy Kids Co The Gruffalo Golden Apple Juice, £1.49

100% natural apple juice drink with no added sugar. It is delicious as well as healthy - perfect for kids.

Ahmad Tea Dessert Tea - Pear and Cinnamon Strudel, £4

I have tried all the 6 variants from Ahmad Tea's Dessert teas range and love them all. So, it was lovely to see this pack in Degustabox.

If you want to win all the 6 dessert teas from Ahmad Tea, check out this giveaway post of mine.

November 2016 Degustabox

So, that was the awesome November Degustabox.

I received all the products that were sent out in this month's Degustaboxes. You may receive one or two products less than what is featured in this post, but it is still an amazingly priced box.

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