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Improving Sleep With S+ By ResMed

Lack of sleep can have a number of ill effects - from feeling grumpy to lack of focus to increased appetite which in turn results in weight...

Lack of sleep can have a number of ill effects - from feeling grumpy to lack of focus to increased appetite which in turn results in weight gain and also puts you at risk of various other medical problems. Poor sleeping could be due to a number of different factors - work stress, project work (for students), an overactive mind, noisy neighbours, anxiety, chronic pain etc. The list is endless.

Over the past few years a number of sleep trackers have hit the market - some that you strap onto your wrist (similar to fitness trackers) and others that need to be clipped onto your bedding. We never tried any of these as both myself and Mr.H did not like the idea of wearing a tracker while sleeping. Recently we got the opportunity to try out a non-contact sleep tracker - S+ By ResMed - and after more than a month of use, here is what we thought about it.

Improving Sleep With S Plus By ResMed

The S+ by ResMed is a non-contact sleep tracking system that helps you analyse and improve your sleep from the very first night.

According to ResMed

S+ works by detecting the movement of your upper body while you sleep. The movement it detects consists of the expansion and relaxation of your chest as you breathe in and out, and overall body movements such as positional changes, arm twitches and shrugs. The S+ includes software algorithms that recognise the combination of respiration and body-movement signals, so that the overall sleep state can be reliably assessed.

Sounds very high-tech and impressive, doesn't it?

The S+ box includes the main S+ pod, a frame for holding the pod, a dual power supply unit and power cable, a user manual and quick start guide. It was very easy to set up. Just plug in the device, download the S+ app to your Bluetooth®-enabled device (we downloaded it to our iPad) and pair the S+ with your smart device (iPad or smartphone). The app asks you some questions like your height and weight, your sleeping pattern etc. And then your S+ is ready to use.

Improving Sleep With S Plus By ResMed

Once you are ready to sleep, the app takes you to a pre-sleep page where you answer a few quick questions like how many alcoholic drinks you have had that day, how much exercise you did that day etc. Once you answer all the questions (takes less than a minute) the results are used in conjunction with your sleep chart to analyse and give you your sleep report next morning.

Improving Sleep With S Plus By ResMed
Your profile on S+

For the one month duration that we have used the S+ so far, we tracked Mr.H's sleep as he has difficulty falling asleep. And we were amazed by how much analysis goes into the report that you receive each morning. The S+ helps you to understand any sleep issues you may have and also offers tips that you can use to fix them. It also helps you to create the ideal sleep environment by telling you about the noise and light levels in your bedroom.

S+ works while you sleep. According to ResMed

The S+ monitors the four stages of your sleep (sleep onset, light sleep, deep sleep and REM) and whenever your sleep is interrupted. It then creates a personalised sleep chart comparing your sleep against an ideal night’s sleep for your age and gender.

Mr.H has been tracking his sleeping pattern and is impressed with the results and analysis. As you can see from the photographs, the sleep chart/analysis shows the overall sleep time, the amount of deep and light sleep, your REM sleep and also the time you were awake. It also tells you the number of disruptions in your sleep. The S+  monitors your breathing and movement (while you are sleeping)without any contact and helps you to understand your sleep and tells you what factors could be influencing your sleep.

Improving Sleep With S Plus By ResMed

Improving Sleep With S Plus By ResMed

Improving Sleep With S Plus By ResMed

Improving Sleep With S Plus By ResMed

We feel that the S+ is an amazing gadget. If you are having sleep issues or need to improve your sleeping pattern, the S+ will help. It is a good investment, we feel, as good sleep is the basis of overall good health.

The S+ retails at £129.95 and can be ordered online at

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  1. Wow, sounds great. I like also that you don't have to wear a tracker