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Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

PR samples | Contains affiliate links With less than 6 weeks to Christmas I am sure you have Christmas presents on your mind. Are you ...

PR samples | Contains affiliate links

With less than 6 weeks to Christmas I am sure you have Christmas presents on your mind. Are you having a hard time deciding what to get for whom this year? To help you out, here is my first Christmas gift guide and it is aimed at fitness lovers. The items I have selected would make great gifts for those into fitness, running, camping or any other sporting activities.

Buff Oslo Plum

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts
Buff are well known for their stylish head and neckwear - a range of functional products that protect fitness enthusiasts and sports professionals against the elements. Their new Autumn/Winter Adult Sport collection includes a wide range of stylish products to suit a variety of outdoor activities.  The Oslo Plum set is one such offering from the new collection. It includes Buff's trademark, soft and light hat and a Buff neckwear. The hat is 2-layered, light, reversible and offers excellent breathability. It is perfect for cool evenings or high-elevation excursions. The neckwear is also made of a highly breathable fabric with a seamless tubular design and can even be worn as a headband, a cap or under a helmet. The combo sets are available in various colours/designs. Buff even have thermal, fleece, micro-fibre, wool and windproof range. Check it out here:

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

Madison Zena Womens Gloves

The Zena gloves are perfect for cyclists. They provide grip, protection and essential padding. Specially adapted to care for your hands while riding, the Zena gloves from Madison have double layered sections on the palm region offering all day protection. Other key features include subtle TPR knuckle protection, silicone print on the braking fingers giving brake lever grip, a reinforced thumb arch, micro-fibre wipe on the thumb and TPR wrist closure for the perfect fit. If you are looking to buy gifts for a rider, then these cycling gloves would be a good choice.

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

Bridgedale WoolFusion Trekker Socks

Designed for all year round use by the regular or dedicated outdoor enthusiast, the Bridgedale WoolFusion Trekker socks would make a very practical stocking filler. The WoolFusion Trekker makes use of CuPED™ Technology and has copper ions embedded in its fibres to ensure that feet stay fresh during long winter walks.  The unique construction ensures dry, warm and comfortable feet whatever the weather. Mr.H has used these socks and he likes them a lot. The three top features according to him are the comfortable fit, good insulation and moisture control. Comfortable and functional, a pair of these trekker socks will make a great gift. Check out the Bridgedale range here:

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

Motorola Verve Rider+ Bluetooth Headphone

Motorola's new range of wireless Bluetooth headphones are impressive and one of them is the Verve Rider+ . Very easy to set up, the headphones can be paired with any Bluetooth-ready device, such as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. The sound quality is impressive and the ear buds stay put in place without the need for frequent readjustment. The around-the-neck design doesn't cause any hindrance while running or exercising and the headphones allow you to enjoy high-quality sound on the go. And you can also answer phone calls using the built-in microphone. The best part, the earbuds are sweat and waterproof. With 12 hours playtime, rich sound and comfort, the Verve Rider+ would make an excellent gift for fitness lovers. More information here:

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

Puressentiel Muscles and Joints Range

Recovery after exercising is of utmost importance. And helping to tackle pain after a workout is the Muscles & Joints range from Puressentiel. The range includes a gel, soothing balm, heating patches and a roller. I have tried the roller and the gel and both the products are excellent at soothing and relaxing muscles. All the products are non-irritating and contain essential oils like Nutmeg, Clove, Eucalyptus and Juniper etc. to relax, soothe and relieve muscle tension. A gift box containing these products from Puressentiel would make a very thoughtful gift for someone who is into sports or other outdoor activities. Check out the entire range here:

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

What A Melon

What A Melon - watermelon water- was recently launched in the UK. Packed with health-boosting nutrients it tastes just like the real thing. In addition to its refreshingly natural flavour, What A Melon water comes with a list of added benefits. It contains electrolytes, antioxidant Lycopene, Potassium and Amino acid (Citrulline). Citrulline is known to help in reducing fatigue and improving endurance making it a perfect post-workout drink. What A Melon has no added sugar and no preservatives thus also making it a healthy hydrating drink.

You can check out my giveaway for a box of 18 What A Melons here. It is about to end, so be quick.

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

Buddy Pouch

The Buddy Pouch is a new and versatile pouch for all your outdoor and leisure needs. This belt-free pouch comes with two pockets and is made to fit the most popular phones, including the iPhone. The inner pocket is water-resistant and the pouch has a side zip through which one can run their headphone wires. This personal magnetic storage pouch is perfect for someone who is into running, biking or camping. Read more here.

Buy the Buddy Pouch on Amazon.

Christmas Gift Guide for the Fitness Enthusiasts

Pulsin Brownies

A hamper full of Pulsin's natural and indulgent brownies. I would be very happy to receive these and so will be anyone who is into vegan and healthy snacking. Packed with the zingy flavours of Goji berries and the rich decadence of Cacao, the Raspberry & Goji Raw Choc Brownie is yummy. Other flavours include Mace Bliss, Almond & Raisin and Peanut Choc Chip. These 50g bars make a great healthy dessert option and are perfect for snacking in between meals. Check out the range here:

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