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The Power Of Saying Yes

Happy Monday, everyone. I am starting the new week with a guest post from one of my online friends - Kirsty Van Jensen. So without much ado...

Happy Monday, everyone. I am starting the new week with a guest post from one of my online friends - Kirsty Van Jensen. So without much ado, over to Kirsty.

The Power Of Saying Yes

I want to share with you my story of how I made a decision about 18 months ago that's changed my life in ways I never thought possible!

Let me rewind a little, I have always been a positive person, but I've always felt that the life I really wanted was out of my reach. I wished I could do more and have more but I never knew how I could make those things reality. I'd see people around me getting a new car, going on holidays, treating the kids to days out and shopping sprees and not worrying about how to pay the bills and I'd think ‘that'll never be me’. Don't get me wrong we never went without anything, but I'd always have to check the bank balance first, and wait for payday for those extra treats.

I wanted better but I didn't know how a girl like me, with no A levels, no university degree or qualifications, would be able to achieve that!  So I worked part time while looking after my daughters, I’m lucky that my husband has a good career so I didn't have to work full time hours, but it was still hard, especially getting childcare during the school holidays.

I wasn’t actively looking for anything else when my friend messaged me one day out of the blue saying that she was joining an online business and she wanted me on her team. I was a bit curious so I took a look into the company’s website, but at that time I couldn't see the potential, I didn't understand now network marketing and direct sales really worked and I wasn’t sure it was for me!  So I turned down the opportunity!!

I didn’t stop watching what my friend was doing on Facebook though, I saw her selling her products and building a strong team and I was happy for her, but still couldn't see myself doing it! The turning point came when I saw that she was able to quit the job that she'd had for the past 15 or so years because her new business was paying her more than her regular wage! That was when I really realised that this wasn't just a little hobby, and it could actually be just what I needed, working from home on my phone and laptop would fit perfectly into my life! This was winter time and it was so cold in my job, being able to work while snuggled at home with a cup of tea sounded perfect!

I contacted her and told her that I was ready to take a chance and join her team, so I saved up my joining fee did it! The way I looked at it was that I would give it my best shot and if it didn't work out at least I'd got a great makeup kit for just £69!

As it turned out that was the best decision I've ever made! I've learned so much about myself, through the personal development I've done since joining, it's totally changed my way of thinking and given me so much confidence! I've made the most amazing friends, and I can now see the future exactly as I want it, nothing seems out of reach any more! I can't wait to be able to give my family the lifestyle they deserve, and the best part is that I get to help others live to their full potential too!

I’m still learning and bettering myself everyday, and it feels like I've found where I'm meant to be in life. There's no better feeling! I heard someone say that network marketing is the only way for ordinary people to live an extraordinary life, and I truly believe that.

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