Buy and Sell Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards with Zeek

How many of you have ever received a gift card that just isn’t up your alley? I have. While gift cards make for a versatile present, a gift card to a store that you do not like is no good. I usually pass it on to family members who might use it or it is left lying in my purse only for me to 'discover' it when it is about to expire. If you have ever found yourself in a similar position, then today's post is for you.

Did you know that you could sell (and even buy) unwanted gift cards? Zeek is one such online marketplace where you can buy gift vouchers at a discounted rate and sell your unwanted gift vouchers for cash.

Buy and Sell Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards with Zeek

I haven't used the selling services of Zeek as I currently do not have any unwanted gift cards but the process is pretty straight forward. First, you create an account on Zeek either with your email, Facebook or Google accounts. The account is valid for both the Zeek app and the website. You then enter the gift card details and your details. You don’t get the full face value of your card but isn't getting some cash for it better than the card never being spent and going waste.

I put Zeek to test from a buyer's perspective. After I had created an account with the website, I was given some Zeek credit for review purposes.

You can buy three different types of gift cards on Zeek:
  • eGift cards : which you can redeem instantly online by entering the card details.
  • Physical gift card : these can be redeemed by presenting them in-store. Once you have purchased the card, it is posted to you within 7 days of purchase.
  • Printable eVoucher : you need to print out the voucher and it can be used either in-store or online by entering the unique serial number.
Buy and Sell Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards with Zeek

There were vouchers from many stores that I normally buy from. So, I began to browse through the available vouchers. You can search vouchers by category (fashion, spa and beauty, department stores, electronics etc.) or you can sort by 'high discount'. Once you have found the voucher, you just add it to your basket and pay using your credit card. Like stated earlier, I was given some Zeek credit but I had to pay an extra £1 to progress with the transaction - this amount was then added to my store credit. I purchased a H&M physical gift card at 9% discount. While the site says that physical gift cards can take up to seven days to arrive, mine arrived in 2 days. The gift card had a small price sticker on it which displayed the card's monetary value.

Buy and Sell Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards with Zeek

Buy and Sell Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards with Zeek

Once I had the gift card with me, all that was left was for me to go shopping. I had never used Zeek or any other similar service earlier and hence was not sure how the store would react to the gift card that I had brought online. But looked like the staff at H&M were aware of Zeek because there were no bewildered looks or questions asked and the transaction was smooth and quick. I came back happy with my purchases.

That's how simple it was to buy a gift card via Zeek and redeem it. The website and the app, both are very easy to use and the site is secure. If you are looking to make your money work for you then check out Zeek. They have gift cards from many top retailers and in many different denominations. It is a good place to buy gift cards at a discount and an equally good place to sell unwanted gift cards and make some cash.

I was provided with some Zeek credit to facilitate this post.
All views expressed are my own.

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