Sonic Chic Deluxe Toothbrush - Sleek and USB Charged : Ideal for Travel

Looking for a sleek and compact electric toothbrush suited for travelling? I have just the right product for you - the Sonic Chic Deluxe Silver Toothbrush.

When you think of electric toothbrushes, you imagine those clunky toothbrushes that are good to use at home but cumbersome to travel with. The Sonic Chic Deluxe toothbrush is compact and comes with its own case making it ideally suited for travel or taking it to the gym.

Sonic Chic is one of the brands from Lifes2Good, who market a range of health & beauty products including Viviscal and Micro Pedi. Sonic Chic sell two kinds of toothbrushes -

  • Urban: battery operated toothbrushes in fashion-inspired designs
  • Deluxe: USB charged toothbrushes with dual speed function in a sleek design

The stylish Deluxe toothbrush includes a dual speed mode and is rechargeable via a USB cable (which is included in the pack). It has two speed settings - Mode 1 (28,000 strokes per minute) and Mode 2 (32,000 strokes per minute). The Deluxe model also has a 2 minute quadrant timer - the toothbrush vibrates for 30 seconds and then you are promoted to move the brush to a different quadrant of your mouth (a good feature for someone young, who is learning how to clean their teeth properly). The brush powers off automatically after 2 minutes. If you are the one who brushes for more than 2 minutes, then you simply power on the toothbrush again.

Before the first use, ensure that the toothbrush is fully charged. There is an USB charging port at the base. Once completely charged you will have sufficient power to use the toothbrush for several days (dependant on how many times a day you brush and for how long).

Sonic Chic Deluxe Toothbrush - Ideal for Travel

Sonic Chic Deluxe Toothbrush - Ideal for Travel

Sonic Chic Deluxe Toothbrush - Ideal for Travel

Sonic Chic Deluxe Toothbrush - Ideal for Travel

Sonic Chic Deluxe Toothbrush - Ideal for Travel

The brush head is smaller than a regular toothbrush but this ensures you can get it even into small spaces and hard to reach areas of the mouth. The brush is soft and gentle on the teeth and gums. So, if you have sensitive teeth and/or gums, this will be good for you. And the cleaning action is good too.

I would not compare this toothbrush to the higher-end electric toothbrushes from Oral B or Braun. Given the price difference between the high end models and this one from Sonic, I think this toothbrush does a fair job for the price it is marketed at. It is light-weight, comes with its own case, holds the charge for a good amount of time and comes with a two-year guarantee. The pack also includes a spare brush head. The Sonic Chic Deluxe is perfect as a holiday toothbrush.

The Sonic Chic Deluxe retails at £29.99 but is currently on offer for £14.99 on

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