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Skin is our largest organ, one that protects us from the elements, helps to regulate our body temperature and also enables us to experience the sensation of touch. I always ensure that I take good care of my skin - not just the face but the body as well. Apart from my facial skin which has become very sensitised due to my arthritis and the medications that I take for it, the skin on my body is otherwise relatively low maintenance (except in winters). I follow a simple routine of Cleaning - Exfoliating - Moisturising to keep my skin in good condition.

I like to shower daily, with a weekly long soak. Daily shower is a habit that I have always had and I only miss it if I am unwell or am on the road. Triple milled soaps, shower gels (in Summer) and body washes (in Winter) are my go-to products for cleaning.

I exfoliate my body 1-2 times a week. Exfoliation is important as it not only sloughs off dead, dry skin but also boosts circulation and allows for body care products (lotion, creams etc.) to be absorbed more effectively. I alternate between exfoliating gloves and body scrubs.

I have been recently trying out a 100% natural, organic coffee body scrub called Scrub Love. Scrub Love are an organic, Fairtrade, rainforest alliance approved skincare company that make their products in the UK. They currently have three products in their range - Original Lovin', Coconut Affair and Mint Temptation. I tried the last one and loved it.

Scrub Love Mint Temptation Body Scrub Review

Scrub Love Mint Temptation Body Scrub Review

Scrub Love Mint Temptation Body Scrub Review

Scrub Love Mint Temptation Body Scrub Review

The scrub contains ground coffee mixed with Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Dead Sea Salt and Peppermint Oil. As it is a coffee scrub it does have a coffee fragrance but the addition to mint makes it absolutely wonderful - think after-dinner mints. The scrub was gentle on my skin and did a good job of exfoliating. I did not use it on my face; although you could. I liked the fact that the scrub it totally natural. So, if you are looking for a 100% natural, organic body scrub, do check out Scrub Love.

I moisturise daily. During Summers I opt for lightweight lotions or gels while in colder months my skin needs thicker body creams and body butters. This simple three step routine keeps my skin smooth and hydrated.

I would love to know what your skincare routine is? Do you have any tips for me?

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