Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bars - Ideal Between Workouts Or On The Go

Whatever kind of diet you follow, I am sure each one of you care about your health and must be working towards a healthy weight and muscle mass. Both myself and Mr.H have incorporated some changes in our diet and have started with an exercise regime. Being vegetarians, getting enough protein just through our natural diet is often difficult. So, in addition to consuming protein from natural sources like lentils, green peas, black beans, oatmeal, spinach etc., we  have also included protein bars and shakes into our routine.

The key factors that I look at while choosing a protein bar is not just the nutritional value but also the taste and texture of the bar. The new Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bar (which we were introduced to recently) ticks all the right boxes.

Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bars

The Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bar comes in two flavours:
  • Cookies & Cream : crunchy vanilla biscuit flavour with a layer of caramel and milk chocolate coating (Per 65g Bar: Energy 247kcal, Fat 11g, Carbohydrates 23g, of which sugars 2.3g, Protein 21g, Salt 0.3g)
  • Chocolate Brownie : crunchy chocolate with a layer of caramel and milk chocolate coating (Per 65g Bar: Energy 245kcal, Fat 11g, Carbohydrates 25g, of which sugars 2.3g, Protein 20g, Salt 0.3g)

Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bars

Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bars

I have to admit that I am in love with these bars. I am happy with the nutritional values and I love the texture and taste. Who wouldn't love Cookies and Cream or Chocolate Brownie flavoured bars?

The bars have a good percentage of high quality protein, only 2.3 grams of sugar in each bar and are gluten-free and free from artificial flavours and colours. These are perfect as a meal on the go or in between workouts. Both the bars can be enjoyed for their delicious taste which is not always associated with high protein bars. I have had some protein bars earlier that leave a weird taste in the mouth along with a feeling of dryness. But these ones from Kinetica are lovely - they are so yummy that they could make a nice healthy replacement to your usual chocolatey treat. Yes, they are that nice.

The RRP for the 65g Protein Deluxe bars is £2.79 each and you can purchase them from

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