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Having Trouble Sleeping? Here is How To Get a Really Good Night's Sleep!

Once in a while you come across a product that works wonders for you and relatively quickly as well. One such product that I have discovere...

Once in a while you come across a product that works wonders for you and relatively quickly as well. One such product that I have discovered recently and am hooked onto is the Magnesium Oil spray from BetterYou.

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray

When I was given the opportunity to try out the Magnesium Oil sprays, I did not think much of it. The spray is said to repair and relax muscles and is also said to be the ultimate way to replenish Magnesium levels in the body. Because it is a transdermal way of providing your body with the mineral, I knew it would have a better rate of tissue absorption but I did not think I would see any palpable results. How wrong I was? The most noticeable and welcome result has been an improvement in my quality of sleep. From the mid 30s, I began to experience erratic sleep patterns - some nights I slept well and on others it was so difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of night and then have difficulty falling asleep again. And this would mess up the days - lack of energy, feeling tired etc. I have been using the Magnesium sprays nightly ever since receiving the samples and what a change it has made to my sleeping pattern. I have slept well and have woken up refreshed in the mornings. The spray does help you relax and promotes better sleep.

BetterYou's Magnesium sprays come in two variants - Original and Goodnight. Original which is just the Magnesium oil while Goodnight contains essential oils of Grape seed, Bergamot, Chamomile and Clary Sage as well. The sprays contain 100% natural ingredients delivering the most naturally pure source of Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride. The bottles are 100ml in size and cost£12.20 each. The Original spray is purely the magnesium chloride brine as it comes out of the ground and has a 31% concentrate in magnesium chloride whereas the Goodnight spray has a magnesium chloride concentration of 28% due to addition of essential oils. The sprays deliver a minimum of 150mg - 43% RDA (Original Spray) and 130mg - 38% RDA (Goodnight Spray) of optimally absorbable elemental magnesium per 10 sprays.

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray

Application is simple. Spray it on the body (either wet or dry skin) and massage well into the skin. When you first start using the spray, you will feel a tingling sensation on application. This is natural and indicates the quick absorption of the Magnesium oil through the pores. I felt the tingling for the first 5-6 days. Now it is barely discernible. I use the spray nightly, around half an hour before I head to sleep. It effectively relieves muscle soreness, helps to relax and aids in restful sleep. My husband says I have been sleeping like a baby of late!

Here is a little information about the power of Magnesium from BetterYou
A great way to help your body start its Melatonin production is to take a bath or shower. Melatonin is a hormone made naturally by our bodies which helps create the urge to fall asleep and is key in regulating your body's internal clock. The fall in body temperature we experience when we get out of the bath or shower is a signal to the body to start producing Melatonin.
You can supercharge this process by adding BetterYou Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray after your bath or shower. Magnesium helps the body relax by ensuring the GABA receptors in our brain and nervous system are working as efficiently as possible. GABA receptors help the brain switch off and without it our brains would continue to race. I have found that adding Magnesium to the bedtime routine has an effect on a sleep sufferers’ ability to fall asleep.

To learn more about Transdermal Magnesium, how it works, what other concerns you could use it for and also to find a product most suitable to your needs, visit BetterYou's website: You can purchase both the sprays at a discounted price from

Have you ever tried Magnesium oil spray or Magnesium supplements in any other form to help reduce stress or to improve sleep quality? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Sounds like a great product for people who find it hard to nod off, however I sleep like a baby, haha!

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