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Red Lime Tree from Best4Garden

I love greenery. While there have always been a few small potted plants around our home, in the past few months I have made many new additi...

I love greenery. While there have always been a few small potted plants around our home, in the past few months I have made many new additions to the green brigade with the most recent one being the very beautiful Red Lime Tree.

The Red Lime Tree was sent to me by Best4Garden and came excellently packaged with many small citrus fruits on the tree. It is beautiful tree which is ideal for conservatories and patios. The tree I received takes the centre place on the bay window in our living room and has become the focal point of room. I had never imagined I would have a lime tree inside our home! The dark green of the leaves and the bright orange of the limes not only look attractive and decorative but the fruits have been quite handy. This tree is around 6 years old and had more than 20 fruits when it reached me. I have used up around 9 limes and there are still many left on the tree. According to Best4Garden, the lime tree is designed to allow you to keep the fruits on the tree for more than 6 months - so you can pick it when you want to use it.

I love this miniature red lime tree. Like most indoor plants it acts as an air purifier. It is highly decorative with its glossy green leaves and beautiful fruits. And most importantly it has been acting as a stress-reducing mechanism. Just looking at the tree with its beautiful fruits for a while reduces feelings of stress and increases positive feelings. That I think is the power of nature. Plants are definitely mood enhancers.

Red Lime Tree from Best4Garden

Red Lime Tree from Best4Garden

According to Best4Garden, the tree is a cross between lime and red orange. I was very keen to see how the fruits would taste. In appearance the fruits are round and a little larger than lime in size. They have a sweet taste with very mild tartness. The fruit doesn't taste like normal limes nor does it taste like oranges - it is a mix of the two as expected but veering more towards orange. The fruits can be used in cocktails and in baking recipes. You could also use it in juices or chutneys.

Red Lime Tree from Best4Garden

The tree is already matured. The one I received is around 6 years old. I have placed it indoors and while the first couple of days the tree shed a few leaves, it has now adjusted to its new environment. The tree is easy to care for and if you have any questions on how to grow and take care of the plant, the team at Best4Garden are always happy to offer advice.

I think this tree will make a brilliant gift for plant lovers and especially for those who also love cooking/baking. The Red Lime Tree is currently on offer for £40.00 and can be purchased online from Best4Garden.

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  1. Wow, this tree looks absolutely beautiful and I totally understand when you say it's so relaxing to look at, as well as the air purifying characteristics it has! The limes are definitely a bonus :)

    Pop over to my blog :)