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Kinetik Wellbeing's Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact

My obsession with skin care continues. I use minimal to zero makeup on most days and instead spend more time and effort in my skin care rou...

My obsession with skin care continues. I use minimal to zero makeup on most days and instead spend more time and effort in my skin care routine helping keep my skin supple and radiant. Skin does become difficult to manage at times due to the various medicines that I take. But overall my skin is well taken care of. I follow the CTM routine religiously and while I do not see myself using surgical anti-ageing procedures, injectable treatments like dermal fillers or muscle relaxers like Botox, I do love products and gadgets that help keep the skin young and firm. One such interesting product which myself and Mr.H have been trialling over the past month is the Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact.

Kinetik Health Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact

The Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact from Kinetik Wellbeing uses red light therapy to promote even skin tone by leaving the skin looking and feeling smoother. According to Kinetik Wellbeing the Anti-Ageing Compact helps:
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles for smoother skin texture;
  • minimise the appearance of pores and
  • skin look firmer and brighter.

How LMS compact works?

Red light therapy has been scientifically proven to help stimulate and repair the skin. It is a non-invasive treatment that works on all skin types (even sensitive skin). As most of you would know, collagen is vital for skin elasticity and suppleness. As we age, collagen production reduces naturally and that is why our skin becomes less supple and the fine lines and wrinkles make an appearance.

The Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact uses red light which penetrates the skin and re-energises the collagen producing cells. The renewed collagen production makes the skin look rejuvenated and refreshed. Regular use helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines resulting in smoother skin.

Kinetik Health Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact

Ease of Use

The Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact is lightweight, sleek and has an ergonomic design. It looks like a futuristic gadget but in essence is 32 regenerating LED’s that offer excellent red light illumination. The compact is easy to hold and use on areas such as forehead, cheeks and neck. There is no heat produced and there is no pain or any sensation when you use the compact.

Kinetik Health Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact

Our experience

I have been trialling this compact for over 5 weeks now. Mr.H who was intrigued when he first saw me using the compact, has also been using it. We have been using it twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening. All you need to do is place the illumination area of the compact on cleansed face. Press and hold the On/Off button for a couple of seconds and the lights turn on. The compact turns off automatically after a one minute treatment cycle. You can then move on to the next area you want to treat. Once the treatment is done (which takes around 3-4 minutes to do the facial area) I normally apply my usual skincare products.

While my skin did look smoother after two weeks, four weeks on it began to look more supple. I have been following the same CTM routine with the same set of products but my skin feels more toned and supple. In addition to stimulating collagen, I think the LMS compact has in some way helped for better absorption of the skin care products resulting in softer and smoother skin. I like this pain-free and easy way to better skin. Mr.H has also noticed the difference. He was targeting the forehead area and after four weeks his forehead looks clearer than before.

We are both pleased with the results and would continue to use the compact. The only drawback is that the batteries don't last long and you need to change them often. The instruction manual that comes with the compact explicitly mentions that you cannot use rechargeable batteries. Only standard alkaline batteries can be used. If this aspect was improved in future versions of the compact, it would be great.

Kinetik Health Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact

Overall, the results have been good - skin feels firmer and clearer. The device is easy to operate and doesn't take up much of my time. So, it's a thumbs-up from us at DB Reviews.

In addition to the compact, Kinetik Wellbeing also have an anti-ageing pen that has been designed to treat delicate areas such as eyes, nose and mouth. The LMS Anti-Ageing Pen is priced at £39.99 while the  Anti-Ageing Compact is priced at £99.99. Both the products are available online from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Amazon and Argos. You can read more about the Anti-Ageing Compact and the clinical trials conducted at Kinetik Beauty.

Kinetik Health Love My Skin Anti-Ageing Compact

Note: As with any skincare gadget, please read the safety instructions that are listed in the manual. The Kinetik Wellbeing website states that Love My Skin Anti-Ageing only uses safe levels of infrared light that occur naturally in sunlight and can be used even on sensitive skin. However, different skin types can at times react very differently, so your experience may not be the same as mine.

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  1. Similar to yourself, I don't use make-up, and this sounds like an amazing product! Surprisingly I've not heard of it - definitely will be doing further research!

    Pop over to my blog!