Judge Mini Rice Cooker

Check out this compact rice cooker from Judge Cookware. Easy to use, easy to clean and with a space saving size and design, this is one of the most useful, new additions to my kitchen.

I enjoy eating rice. I make one or the other yummy rice dishes every week at home. It usually varies between the simple yet delicious Jeera Rice to the more colourful and flavoursome Lemon Rice or Veg Pulao. And I always use my trusted pressure cooker to cook these dishes. But there are days when I crave for simpler fare - plain cooked rice with a bowl of masala dal. At such times cooking a small portion of rice in the big pressure cooker was become more of a hassle. But since receiving the Judge Mini Rice Cooker, cooking small portions of rice has been such a breeze.

The Mini Rice Cooker is perfect to make 2 portions of rice. It is easy to use (a one touch operation) and has delivered excellent results every single time I have used it. It even keeps the cooked rice warm for around 6 hours. The measurements (for rice and water) are provided in the information booklet that is included in the box. Once you have added the rice and water, close the lid securely, plug in the power cable and press the 'Cook' button down. A red light illuminates to let you know that cooking is in progress. Once cooked, the button automatically moves to the 'Warm' mode. To serve, wait for the appropriate standing time and then carefully lift the lid. Use the ladle provided to serve.

Judge Mini Rice Cooker

Judge Mini Rice Cooker

Judge Mini Rice Cooker

Judge Mini Rice Cooker

I have been using this rice cooker a lot since I received it and love it. It makes the perfect portions (reducing wastage) and is easy to use. Cleaning is also very easy as the removable, rice pot is non-stick. Perfect for 2 people - dependant on your appetite though!

The Judge Mini Rice Cooker is priced at £37.50. There is also a Family Rice Cooker (£45.00) that is suitable for 4-10 portions. For more information visit: www.judgecookware.co.uk

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