Foodie Finds in February

I have to admit that I love discovering new food brands as much as I love discovering new skin care products. Two of my recent foodie finds have been: Simplee Aloe and New Covent Garden Soup.

Simplee Aloe are an aloe Vera fruit juice brand. I had not come across them earlier and was surprised to find that they are the highest selling aloe Vera drink in the UK. Simplee Aloe currently have 2 flavours : Grape & Lemon and Apple & Mango. The drinks are 100% natural with absolutely no preservatives or additives. I have tried some other aloe drinks earlier but did not like their taste. These two flavours from Simplee Aloe are very natural tasting and refreshing.

Aloe has many health benefits - it aids digestion, is packed with vitamins and minerals and helps your body rid of waste naturally to name a few. Simplee Aloe has combined all these health benefits with lovely flavours of fruits to come up with a healthy and delicious drink. We liked the natural taste of the drink. If you love Aloe Vera or have been wanting to try it, then give this drink a go.

Simplee Aloe are stocked in Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Sainsbury's, Ocado amongst others.

Simplee Aloe

Both myself and Mr.H are soup lovers and enjoy all kinds of soup (vegetarian only though). I make soup regularly at home; lentil soup being my favourite while Mr.H enjoys creamy tomato soup. At times I tend to pick up ready-to-eat soups from the supermarket especially if I find the ingredients or flavour interesting. We recently tried the New Covent Garden Carrot & Butternut soup.

The soup was a perfect 'cold day' soup - filling, comforting and flavourful. Sweet carrots and butternut squash spiced with ground coriander and cumin created a delicately spiced soup. Since we prefer our food a bit spicy, I added some freshly ground pepper as well. A dollop of butter and the soup was perfect with crusty bread. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The 700 gm carton was the perfect size for the two of us.

New Covent Garden Soup Co soups are available in Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, Spar and Morrison's and many other supermarkets. You will find more variety in the larger stores.

*Items sent to us for the purpose of review.

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