Stellar Copper Kitchen Gadgets

One of the most used gadgets in my kitchen is the peeler. Not a single cooking session goes by without me using the peeler. Apart from trimming the skin off fruits and vegetables, I use the peeler to shave cheese slices or frozen butter and also to make chocolate curls (to be used as toppings for desserts). When I saw these stunning and beautifully crafted copper peelers from Stellar, they immediately won my heart. And when I held the peeler in my hands, I knew these were not just good to look at but of an excellent build quality.

The peelers are a part of Stellar's Soft Touch Copper Tools range. In addition to the peelers, the collection includes a Can Opener, Corkscrew, Garlic Press, Nut Cracker, Ice-cream Scoop and a Pizza Cutter. The gadgets are made from a zinc-alloy composite and have a beautiful copper finish. According to Stellar, the copper will not tarnish or lose its sheen.

The peeler and the Y-peeler both have swivel blades and do the intended job excellently. The handles are not flimsy, the grip is good and the blades sharp. Definitely one of the most well-made peelers I have ever used.

Stellar Cookware Copper Kitchen Gadgets Review

Stellar Cookware Copper Kitchen Gadgets Review

Stellar Cookware Copper Kitchen Gadgets Review

Stellar Cookware Copper Kitchen Gadgets Review

I also liked the Ice-cream scoop. It is a smaller portion size than my old ice-cream scoop but I am happy with it. It has a beautiful finish and just like the peelers, the handle is ergonomic. The same holds true for the Pizza Cutter as well. All the gadgets that I have used from this range are beautifully designed with smooth contours, have a comfortable ergonomic grip, are dishwasher safe and come with Stellar's lifetime guarantee.

The gadgets are priced as follows:
Corkscrew: £9.38
Garlic Press: £9.00
Ice Cream Scoop: £5.00
Y Shaped Peeler: £4.50
Nut Cracker: £7.88
Pizza Cutter: £5.38
Peeler: £4.50

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*Items were sent to me for this review.

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