Go green with the Judge folding market basket

A while back the 5p levy was imposed on the use of plastic carrier bags and since then thankfully the usage of plastic carrier bags has reduced. I have been using jute bags and totes for a very long time. But totes are not a very practical solution when out shopping for delicate items as the items would get pressed and squashed due to lack of structure in the bags.

Judge have added a simple and very clever product to their range which will help you go green in a stylish way. The product in question is the Judge Foldable Market Basket. The basket collapses down to a compact size when not in use and opens up into a sturdy and spacious basket when needed. It is lightweight and had a solid handle and frame. At the base are tiny plastic feet that allow you to set down the basket without having to worry about damage to the basket. It is a very clever product from Judge and costs just £12.50.

Go green with the Judge folding market basket

I have been using this basket since I received it and every time I carry it to the shop, it gets appreciative glances. A lady approached me at the checkout in Tesco and said that the basket looks lovely and wanted to know where she could purchase it.

I love this foldable basket from Judge - the quality is excellent, it is the perfect size, lightweight and with a very comfortable handle. And it is not just a market basket. I use it to carry all kinds of stuff. It is very well balanced for even carrying heavy items and doesn't squash the shopping. It is helpful while moving items from the car to home or from one room to another and will be perfect for picnicking as well. When the basket is not fully loaded, it tends to collapse a little bit on the sides but when fully loaded it keeps it shape very well.

Go green with the Judge folding market basket

Go green with the Judge folding market basket

When not using it, you can collapse the basket making it easy to store away.

To sum it up, this is an excellent basket that is worth the price. I wish Judge would come out with some variants in terms of colour. I would be the first one to pick them up!

Find your nearest Judge stockist here.

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  1. It looks really good, i need few in my car.
    if we all had them less need to "buy" plastic bags.

  2. This is so useful as many of the 'bags for life' seem very weak...thanks for sharing :)

    Pop over to my blog!



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