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Time is speeding by so quickly. We are in November already and 2016 is not very far. This year I have featured various kinds of subscription boxes on the blog - beauty, lifestyle, food and drink. And today it is yet another subscription box on the blog; albeit a very different and interesting one - The Personal Barber Subscription Box.

The Personal Barber Subscription Box

The Personal Barber is a monthly shaving subscription service that provides you with everything you would need for the best shave. When you order your first box, you will receive a selection of hand-picked items including a traditional safety razor (an old school one, which I remember my father using), a shaving brush, shaving soap, some replacement blades and a couple of other useful items. In your subsequent boxes you will continue to receive new shaving soaps, pre-shave oils, creams, shaving blades, balms and more. Each month you receive different products. So you get the chance to try out new brands as well as find out what suits your skin type.

How much does the box cost?

If you are looking at a one-off buy or are planning to gift a box to someone, then it will cost you £24.95 including free UK delivery. As with all subscription boxes, there is the option to go for 3-months (£62.85), 6-months (£119.70) or yearly subscription (£215.40) with the last option saving you over 28%.

What is normally included in the box?

The box we were sent was simple and well-presented. It included the following products:
- The Personal Barber double-edged traditional safety razor
- A shaving brush
- 2 packs of replacement razor blades (Gillette Nacet and Perma-Sharp Super)
- Streatfields Avocado & Lime shaving cream
- Institut Karite Shaving Balm
- Osma Laboratoires Hemo-Stop Styptic Pencil
Also included in the box were two cards : one introducing you to the products in the box and another providing you with a step-by-step shaving guide.

The Personal Barber Subscription Box

The Personal Barber Subscription Box

The Personal Barber Subscription Box

How does the box fare?

Mr.H put the box to test. It has been a very very long time since he has had a traditional wet shave. He relies completely on electric shavers and was a little sceptical initially at the thought of using a razor blade but then gave it a go. The razor was excellent - easy to use and because the blades were sharp, it was easy to remove hair in one single stroke. So, he did not have to revisit the same area of skin twice, resulting in a quicker and irritation-free shave. A very close and smooth shave. He loved it and so did I. Mr.H's skin felt baby soft.

The shaving brush (with synthethic hair) was good. The Streatfields Avocado & Lime shaving cream has a lovely, zesty fragrance and lathers up well. The Institut Karite Shaving Balm includes Shea butter and offers skin soothing benefits. It is suitable for sensitive skin types too. The quality of a shave depends a lot on the blades and both the brands included in the box were good. But Mr.H prefered the Perma-Sharp blades over the ones from Gillette as he felt they were very sharp and offered a much smoother shave. The Osma Laboratoires Styptic Pencil was a good addition.

Overall, Mr.H felt that the team at The Personal Barber have put together a good quality shaving box. This would make a lovely gift for someone who enjoys wet shaving.

You can order your box here:

We were sent the box for inclusion in this post.
Our opinion as always is unbiased and honest.

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