The L'Reve Diamond Facial Mask from

L'Reve Cosmetics based in Miami are an ultra-premium skin care retailer with a range of luxury products. One of their best-selling products is the Diamond Facial Mask which is a transparent face mask containing luxurious ingredients like south sea pearl and diamond infusion. With such luxurious ingredients in it, the mask (as you would have guessed) is priced on the higher end. It retails for up to £1746 for a pack of 12 masks. That is nearly £145 per mask! That's crazy money. I do not think I would ever spend so much money for one, single face mask. But the thought of trying these premium products is enticing, isn't it? That is where online retailer comes into the picture. Cocosa are a leading designer and luxury off-price flash sales destination. They are a members' only website where you will find exclusive time-limited sales of some of the world’s most coveted brands.

The Diamond Facial Mask from L'Reve Cosmetics was recently launched in the UK by Cocosa for £75 (for a pack of 12 masks) making it a very good buy. Such a massive discount! I was sent one of these diamond masks to trial and needless to say I was quite excited. In addition to pearl and diamond infusion, the mask also contains high-density plant collagen that is easily absorbed by the skin in order to moisturise and tighten the pores.

The LReve Diamond Facial Mask from Cocosa

The LReve Diamond Facial Mask from Cocosa

Just like any sheet mask, you need to cleanse your face and apply the mask. Let it sit for 15–30 minutes and then remove the mask. If any serum is left in the mask, massage it onto your face and neck. One minor issue I had was with the fit of the mask. The mask did not cover my entire forehead. But there was lots of serum left in the packet, which I used up to massage the areas that were not covered by the mask. The results were definitely impressive. My skin did look hydrated and fresh after using this mask and the results lasted a couple of days. The mask also leaves a very fine glitter behind (like a delicate dusting of powdered diamond)! Perfect for use before a party.

If you would like to try this diamond mask from L'Reve, then head to The discount on high-end products is amazing and you will also find a luxurious range of gels, creams, serums and lifting sets.

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