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Fragrances Inspired by the African Continent - Yankee Candle's Kilimanjaro Stars and Serengeti Sunset

Gifted | Contains affiliate links The trees near my house started changing colour a week back. The leaves are a mix of yellow, brown a...

Kilimanjaro Stars and Serengeti Sunset - Yankee Candles
Gifted | Contains affiliate links

The trees near my house started changing colour a week back. The leaves are a mix of yellow, brown and red. It looks so beautiful and heralds the beginning of Autumn. Even astronomically Autumn begins today (or is it tomorrow?!) based on the equinox - when the day and night are of equal duration. And helping me feel seasonal and make this transition from Summer to Autumn are two lovely fragrances from Yankee Candles.

I love candles. You are sure to find a candle burning in my home during Autumn and Winter. And these two fragrances from Yankee Candles are perfect for this time of year. The candles featured on the blog today are from Yankee Candles' 'Out of Africa' range inspired by the African continent. There are four fragrances in the collection: Kilimanjaro Stars, Serengeti Sunset, Madagascan Orchid and Egyptian Musk. The first two were sent to me to try out.

Yankee Candle describes 'Kilimanjaro Stars' as follows "Like nightfall on the ice covered peak, crisp, clear mountain air is laced with cool mint and earthy patchouli." This is a lovely fragrance and smells really fresh. I love the colour of the wax and the smell is just like fresh air after a rain or the crisp air early in the morning. This scent reminded me of our camping trip in a desert in Rajasthan. It was a tailor-made trip with just me, Mr.H and the guide. We slept under the stars and when we woke up in the morning, it was all so still and silent. Fog hung over the sand dunes and the winter chill was in the air. The air was so fresh and crisp that we sat still for a long time, enjoying the beauty of nature. The Kilimanjaro Stars smells just like that morning in the desert. I love this scent.

'Serengeti Sunset' according to Yankee Candle is "the enticing blend of fruit, citrus, lotus flower and amber celebrating the haunting beauty of the African sky." To me it is a very fruity scent which has a lovely, warm citrusy fragrance - somewhat akin to a warm, fizzy Fanta (if that makes any sense?!). The colour of the wax relates to a golden sunset and if you like warm scents, then this one is for you. I liked this one as well.

But my favourite of the two is definitely Kilimanjaro Stars. It is a winner! The only drawback was the lack of 'throw' in both the fragrances. Both the fragrances smelt in the immediate vicinity of the candle, but the scent didn’t travel beyond a small radius! This could be due to the fact that both of these are small jars (104 gms., £8.99). I think this small jar might work better in a corridor or a staircase landing or any other small space.

Kilimanjaro Stars and Serengeti Sunset - Yankee Candles

Yankee Candle can be purchased from most departmental stores or online gift shops. You can also pick them up online from Yankee Candles' official website -

What do you think of these two fragrances from Yankee Candle? Have you tried any of their new fragrances? How is the throw in the larger jars?

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  1. I've never come across these scents before, but they sound amazing!! Thanks for sharing :)

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