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5 Face Masks Suitable For Sensitised Skin

If, like me, you love skincare and feel like giving your skin a helping boost now and then, the best product to achieve this would be a fac...

If, like me, you love skincare and feel like giving your skin a helping boost now and then, the best product to achieve this would be a face mask. If you are not into face masks, then I suggest you give them a try. Whether your skin is dull and tired, or stressed and irritated or you simply want an anti-ageing boost then a face mask is your go-to product. Face masks are a wonderful treat for the skin - they can cleanse, absorb excess oil, moisturise, plump up the skin and provide a glow. I enjoy using face masks a lot and in today's post I will share 5 face masks that work very well for my sensitised skin.

5 face masks that work very well for my sensitised skin.

Before using any face mask, it is essential that you prep your skin by cleaning it well. You can also use a toner to balance the skin and then apply the mask. If you plan to apply two or more masks at the same time (yes, you can layer your face masks) then begin with the exfoliating or purifying ones first (the Herbalife Mint Clay mask is a purifying mask). Then go for the moisturising (e.g. Masque Bar Green Tea mask), soothing (e.g. MaskerAide Weather Warrior) or hydrating mask (e.g. Vitage Age Defence). You can then follow up with your regular moisturiser based on your skin's hydration levels.

Face masks are available for a range of skin issues and not every mask works well for everyone. Based on my experience, here are 5 face masks that work well for sensitised skin.

1. Herbalife Purifying Mint Clay Mask : this is a lovely, creamy mask that absorbs excess oil and also removes dirt from the skin. The mask has a fresh, minty smell, is easy to apply and dries quickly. Removing it is a little time consuming but it doesn't disappoint in terms of performance. I use it when my facial skin goes oily during periods. It removes excess oil without drying but does leave the skin a bit tight. So, moisturisation is must after using this mask.
Price: £16.35 for 120ml

2. Vitage Age Defence Hydrating Mask : though creamy, the mask has a light-weight texture and is very easy to apply. Can be used as a 10-minute mask or left overnight for intense hydration. Contains a blend of hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate, Coconut and Almond Oil, Aloe vera, Vitamins A, C and E, Rosehip oil and Japanese Green Tea. I love the hydration the mask provides but am not very keen on the fragrance. It is not unpleasant but I am just not drawn to it. However, I use the mask for its hydration properties.
Price: £24.00 for 75ml

3. Masque Bar Green Tea Mask : this mask aims to reduce the appearance of dark spots and other pigmentation issues while providing a refreshing feeling. The mask is infused with Green tea extract, Phyto collagen and Vitamin E and helps to soothe and moisturise the skin. The mask is a wee bit smaller than other sheet masks that I have tried but it does have the right amount of serum and leaves my skin nourished and hydrated. Pricewise I think, this is a good buy in the sheet masks category.
Price: £9.99 for a pack of 3 masks

4. Diamond Facial Mask from L'Reve Cosmetics : a premium, luxury mask that contains ingredients like south sea pearl and diamond infusion. It retails for up to £1746 for a pack of 12 masks (nearly £145 per mask)! You can pick it up for massive discount from The mask is saturated in serum and the results are impressive. Intense hydration, skin appears plump and there is a also a fine glittery dusting left behind on the skin. Perfect as a pre-party treatment.
Price: £75.00 for a pack of 12 face masks

5. Sheet Face Masks from MaskerAide : drenched in a highly concentrated Argan Oil based serum, there are 6 masks in MaskerAide's current range. The masks are free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrances and harsh dyes and all of them work nicely for sensitised skin. I love the trendy/fun packaging and the after-effects of the mask. My skin loves it too. These are perfect to carry on your travels.
Price: £5.00 each

A good face mask can do wonders for your tired and dull skin. If you have sensitised skin, try one of the five masks listed above. I have tested them and they are worth trying. If you have any recommendations on face masks for sensitised skin, please let me know in the comments section below.

Post contains PR samples. Views are my own.

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  1. I've seen these all over but I'm really hesitant, as I have allergies to many products used in skincare/cosmetics! They sound great though - thanks for sharing :)

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