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Sheet Face Masks from MaskerAide #MaskerAideBeauty

I have always loved face masks. But somewhere down the line I became very fascinated (and maybe a little obsessed) with sheet face masks. A...

I have always loved face masks. But somewhere down the line I became very fascinated (and maybe a little obsessed) with sheet face masks. And I do not see this love affair ending anytime soon. When I received the colourful and fun packs of MaskerAide's sheet masks, it appealed to me immediately. They had me at the lovely packaging.

Sheet Face Masks from MaskerAide

MaskerAide's sheet masks are literally drenched in a highly concentrated Argan Oil based serum. They are packed with vitamins, nutrients and other specially formulated ingredients targeting specific skin concerns!

There are 6 very hydrating masks in MaskerAide's current range:
- Pre Party Prep
- Detox Diva
- Weather Warrior
- Beauty Rest'ore
- All Nighter and
- I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Sheet Face Masks from MaskerAide
Stockists: Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason
RRP: £5.00 each

We trialled the first four at DB Reviews. I enlisted the help of my mum, who is currently visiting us. She put Beauty Rest'ore to test. Infused with Argan Oil, Green Algae and Vitamin E, this beautifully fragranced mask helps to regenerate and repair the skin leaving it smooth and supple. When mum put the mask on, she said it felt very cool and relaxing. I began to read out the mask details to her and noticed that within a few minutes she had fallen asleep. The mask had done what it claimed! As per the pack "The cooling effect of the mask helps relax facial muscles easing the signs of stress and fatigue while the natural Lavender Oil relaxes your body and mind." When mum woke up, her skin felt fantastic. Full marks to Beauty Rest'ore.

I used the Pre Party Prep mask before a get-together with family and friends. This one was also drenched in serum albeit a lighter one. The Beauty Resto're one had a cream based serum which was slightly thicker. The Pre Party Prep mask includes ingredients like Orange Peel Oil, Super Fruit Extracts, Rice Extract and Honey in addition to Argan Oil and helps to hydrate and brighten your skin giving it a smooth finish. I was impressed with this mask. My sensitised skin loved it and
soaked in all the goodness offered by the mask, leaving my skin hydrated and fresh.

Sheet Face Masks from MaskerAide

The Detox Diva mask was also excellent for my skin. It is formulated with Geranium Oil, Seaweed, Green Tea Extracts, Chinese Plum, Strawberry and Lemon Fruit Extracts. The fragrance was lovely and it left me with softer and smoother skin. The Weather Warrior mask came to my skin's rescue after a day out in London, visiting Canary Wharf and Greenwich. The day was hot and even though I had taken enough preventive skincare measures, my skin still felt tired and dry at the end of the
day. The Weather Warrior mask with Aloe, Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Argan Oil was perfect to help soothe and calm my tired skin.

All the masks are effective, work very well for sensitised skin and are free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrances and harsh dyes. We loved the masks!

In case you haven't heard of or tried the sheet masks from MaskerAide, I would suggest that you try them. You can read more about the masks and purchase them from

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