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My 'At Home' Spa Day

I love spa treatments. An intensive pampering session in a spa always helps me to relax and unwind. But at times it becomes difficult to vi...

I love spa treatments. An intensive pampering session in a spa always helps me to relax and unwind. But at times it becomes difficult to visit a spa or a beauty salon. What I do in such situations is pamper myself at home. Not only is it an amazing way to relax at home, but it also saves me some moolah ;-) You can either plan a solo spa day or invite your friends and make it even more exciting and fun-filled. Here is what I normally do.
  1. Setting up the environment : Play some relaxing music and light some candles. This sets the mood and gets things moving.
  2. Hair care : I always begin with hair care. I oil my hair once a week and if I am planning a spa day, I combine my regular hair care routine with it. I normally use lukewarm almond oil or amla (gooseberry) oil. Sometimes, I get Mr.H involved and ask him to give me a traditional Indian 'champi' (Indian head massage). After the massage I wrap a wet, hot towel around the hair and leave it for a few minutes. I usually wash off the oil the next morning.
  3. Mani-pedi at home : After hair care, its manicure - pedicure time. Gather all the essentials and get started. First I take off the existing colours from my finger and toe nails and then give them a quick soak and scrub. Then comes softening the cuticles before applying some new, fun colours.
  4. Soothing mask for the face : A good face mask is the finale for an 'at-home' spa day. A refreshing and soothing mask that I have used for a couple of my pamper sessions recently is the Green Tea mask from Masque Bar. Suitable for all skin tones, the mask aims to reduce the appearance of dark spots and other pigmentation issues while providing a refreshing feeling. The sheet mask is infused with Green tea extract, Phyto collagen, and Vitamin E and helps to soothe and moisturise the skin. I found this mask a wee bit smaller than other sheet masks that I have tried. Having said that, it does have the right amount of serum and leaves my skin nourished and hydrated. I like it. You can check the entire range from Masque Bar here -
Green Tea mask from Masque Bar

Green Tea mask from Masque Bar

So, that's how my pampering sessions at home usually go. I create a spa-like atmosphere, make use of the products that I already have and treat myself to a relaxing at-home spa day. Have you treated yourself to an at-home spa treatment? I would love to hear what you do. If you have any tips or tricks, do let me know in the comments section below.


  1. I usually go to salons for a relaxing pamper session, but on days when I'm too busy, I like to unwind with my own spa day (just like you!) I use a foot spa machine, have a invigorating facial and then relax in a bubble bath!

    Pop over to my blog :)