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Degustabox Review

Gifted | Affiliate If you love good food and like discovering new brands then nothing fits the bill more perfectly than Degustabox . D...

July 2015 Degustabox
Gifted | Affiliate

If you love good food and like discovering new brands then nothing fits the bill more perfectly than Degustabox. Degustabox are a food subscription service that sends out a surprise food box every month for £12.99 (including delivery). You will receive a box packed with around 9-14 products towards the end of each month.

The July Degustabox was packed with a whole lot of yummy goodies. Some of the products were already known to us, while some were new and interesting finds that are definitely going to be added in our monthly shopping list.

Let me begin with the drinks.

July 2015 Degustabox

Newton’s Appl Fizzics : This one was packaged like cider and fooled me when I first picked up the glass bottle. A closer inspection revealed that it was a blend of apple juice and sparkling water with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugar. Much healthier than apple juice on its own! The drink was very refreshing and would go well as a mixer as well.

Weetabix On The Go : There were 2 bottles of breakfast drink from leading breakfast brand Weetabix. Yummy and made with fresh milk, Weetabix On the Go breakfast drinks were very filling and tasted just like milkshake according to my mom. She liked both the flavours we received and gives full marks to these on-the-go drinks.

Lambrini So Strawberry : I was very pleased to see the Lambrini bottle in the July Degustabox. I am currently in a phase where I am enjoying sweet and fruity flavoured drinks and this bottle of Lambrini was just that - delicious, light and fruity flavoured. Enjoyed it on a sunny afternoon.

As a part of Degustabox's Discoveries initiative there were 2 bottles of Little Miracles organic drinks which I loved. Non-carbonated and refreshingly light, these drinks are perfect pick-me-up whether it is morning, noon or afternoon. Lemongrass tea was my favourite of the two flavours we received.

Now onto some interesting and new stuff from the July box.

July 2015 Degustabox

July 2015 Degustabox

July 2015 Degustabox

Say yes to no : The brand name got me intrigued and I was excited to try these. With no artificial flavouring or additives, these delicious, toasted chips were yummy. Mr.H liked these as well. I will be looking out for more products/flavours from this brand.

Fru Snax : I loved these. It is nothing but fruit and yogurt, frozen by evaporating the water content. We received two flavours out of which Strawberry and Raspberry one was my favourite. I liked the concept of this product and with less then 50 calories per pack, I did not feel guilty at all while reaching out to a pack as a mid-day treat.

Taking the Pea : Marketed as the UK's first range of flavoured peas, this came in a lovely packaging. The snack is said to be high in fibre and looks perfect as a grab & go snack. We received the Smoked Ham flavour which was suitable for vegans. However, none of us fancied the taste. I would probably pick up the Sweet Chilli Salsa flavour to give it a try.

Tasty Little Number : Both of these were passed to Mr.H's colleague since they contained meat. Got positive feedback from him - flavoursome and perfect as a quick meal when you are short of time. I noticed that they have a non-meat option as well - Creamed Stroganoff with Button & Chestnut Mushrooms. This is something I would enjoy.

Jele : This one is said to be Thailand's best selling jelly snack. It's ages since I have eaten jelly and I found this one very different. It was like a mix of jelly and juice. I don't think this will feature in my shopping lists but I feel little kiddies might enjoy this one.

Overall, it was an interesting box. If the concept of Degustabox has got you intrigued and you fancy purchasing a box, then you can make use of this discount code to get £3.00 off your first order. The code is O5DW6.

Have you tried Degustabox? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. I've heard so many positive things about this box, but can't order it as I would not be able to eat half the things due to my intolerances :(

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