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Fast and Effortless Cleaning With the Vileda Windomatic Vacuum Cleaner

PR sample | Contains affiliate links I like my house to be clean and take a keen interest in keeping it spick-and-span. If there are a...

Vileda Windomatic
PR sample | Contains affiliate links

I like my house to be clean and take a keen interest in keeping it spick-and-span. If there are any gadgets or appliances that make house-cleaning a little less time-consuming and less effortless, I am all for it. We have been testing the Vileda Windomatic window cleaning vacuum kit for the past month and it has been working brilliantly.

Vileda are well known for their expertise in home cleaning. They have an impressive range of high quality and innovative products that make housework easier. We have been using their Steam mop for many months now and it makes cleaning so much easier. So, when we were sent the Windomatic I had hopes that it would work as effectively as the Steam mop. Did it? Read on to know how the Windomatic fared.

How Windomatic Works

The Windomatic vacuum cleaner works by sucking up dirt and water from windows into its integrated water tank. First, you need to wash the windows with your regular window cleaning liquid and then use the Windomatic like you would use a hand-held vacuum cleaner. The rubber edges of the Windowmatic suck in all the water and dirt. Windomatic has an unique flexible neck that enables you to reach into window corners and edges giving a complete wipe without the need to polish the windows again. With regular usage I have learnt the correct angles I need to flex the neck in, for it to work as desired.

Vileda Windomatic

Vileda Windomatic

Vileda Windomatic
Windomatic is cordless, light-weight and has an ergonomic grip, making it easy to manoeuvre and use.

The water tank can be removed for easy cleaning. The vacuum is powered by a re-chargeable Lithium-ion battery and the charge lasts around 20-25 minutes (offering up to 60m² of cleaning area per charge). It took me a couple of uses to understand the right way to get maximum benefits out of the Windomatic. The trick is to use it slowly and to ensure that you are holding it with the right amount of pressure and at the right angle. When used correctly, the Windomatic gives a good, streak-free finish to windows. I have also found it very efficient for removing condensation. It works brilliantly to clean mirrors in the bathroom. Even the mirrors on our wardrobe doors have benefitted from Windomatic's cleaning effect.

The list does not end there. I have used it to clean the glass door of the oven and the tiled area of our kitchen walls while Mr.H has tested it on the car windows. In all the cases, Windomatic is quick to use and efficient in terms of results. The only small improvement we would like to see is an increase in the amount of charge Windomatic holds. Other than that, we are very pleased with the Windomatic. It is definitely a very useful product that makes your cleaning chores easier and quicker.

Vileda Windomatic Vacuum Cleaner can be purchased online here.

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