Alorée Chlorocosmetic City Resistant Nourishing Face Cream

Blogging has introduced me to so many new brands and products; some of which I had never heard of and some which I probably would not have picked up myself. A few of these discoveries have now become my favourites that I cannot do without. Mr.H also shares the same opinion as me because even he has had the opportunity to try out new gadgets and skincare products, thanks to the blog. So here is a big 'thank you' to all those brands and lovely PRs that have reached out to us over the years and have introduced us to a range of wonderful products.

Today on the blog is a new luxury organic brand called Alorée. Founded by Alexandra Croce, Alorée creates Chlorocosmetic beauty products that are rich in chlorophyll. As most of you would know, Chlorophyll is the green pigment which is present in all plants and is a natural oxygenating compound. Alorée has harnessed Chlorophyll's unique properties in an organic, active agent called CHC (Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex) from young barley shoots. CHC is rich in chlorophyll, polyphenols, oligo elements and omega 3 and helps to protect the skin from premature signs of ageing.

There are currently 14 organic and natural skincare products – ranging from facial Cleansers to CC Creams in Alorée's product range and I am featuring one of those - the City Resistant Nourishing Cream.

Aloree Chlorocosmetic City Resistant Nourishing Face Cream

Alorée City Resistant Nourishing Face Cream (40ml, £28.00)

Alorée City Resistant Nourishing Face Cream has a rich, organic formulation that offers excellent facial nourishment and leaves the skin soft and supple. A couple of days after I received the product, Mr.H happened to see this tube lying on my bedside table and picked it up to have a read. He has developed this habit of checking out the ingredients, thanks to his blogger wife ;-) Anyways, so impressed was he with the ingredients list and the fact that the cream is also aimed at dry skin, that he decided he was going to trial it instead of me. He has very dry skin which is prone to acne. This face cream with its unique CHC complex that is rich in chlorophyll aims to help prevent damage caused by pollution and city living. It is nearly four weeks since Mr.H has been using the Alorée City Resistant Nourishing Face Cream and he only has good things to say about the cream.

The face cream offers excellent nourishment (it contains a blend of grape, olive and sunflower seed oil) and leaves the skin healthy. Mr.H's dry skin issues seem to have reduced a little and his skin feels and stays hydrated for longer than usual. Mr.H also liked the scent which he describes as fresh and like being in a field. The only thing he would like to change is the creams iridescent texture. It has a very minute glitter thing going on, which he said was not needed. The face creams winning point is the excellent long lasting hydration it provides and based on that he gives full marks to the product.

Aloree Chlorocosmetic City Resistant Nourishing Face Cream

Aloree Chlorocosmetic City Resistant Nourishing Face Cream

Aloree Chlorocosmetic City Resistant Nourishing Face Cream

I had used the cream a few times (before Mr.H took over the tube) and apart from being very moisturising and softening, I found that the cream can also act as an ideal base for make-up. It works well even for sensitive skin and I liked the fragrance too. If your skin is dry, you could give this face cream a go as it is particularly made for dry skin but all skin types will benefit from it especially in the colder months.

Alorée is available in the UK from selected WholeFoods stores and online from

“No matter how plain a woman may be,
if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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  1. This cream sounds amazing - and I'm always looking for a fab matt base for my makeup :-)

    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

    1. It gets absorbed nicely more so if the skin is dry and doesn't leave any greasiness behind. It also is very slightly shimmery - from some angles.


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